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10 Best Airports to Get Stuck In

Jan Vogt surft beim surf & style 2014 - Opening am Flughafen München im MAC foto by

Have you ever get stuck at the airport? The delay flights are very common. What can you do then? Mainly wait, sleep or go to the city. However, some airports offer unusual attractions for passengers. Check out the best airports to get stuck in.

1. Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands

Las Vegas is the undisputed wedding capital of the world. But have you ever thought about getting marriage at the airport? Schiphol Airport located in the Netherlands offers that kind of option. Visit this website for more info.

Schiphol weddings

2. Changi Airport, Singapore

Changi Airport offers a lot of attraction and services for their passengers. If you want to relax by the water, you can take a dip in the rooftop pool at Terminal 1. When youn need to be close to the nature you can visit Cactus Garden at the rooftop. You can also be captivated by this interactive and decorative Enchanted Garden at Terminal 2. Visit this website and check out all awesome attractions you can find at the airport.

Changi Airport swimming pool

Changi Airport enchanted garden

Changi Airport cactus garden

3. Hong Kong Airport, China

Do you want too watch a movie? Or maybe you always wanted to play golf, but never had time to take a course? Don’t worry, all you need to do is get stuck at Hong Kong Airport. It features the largest IMAX giant screen in Hong Kong and offers SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course at nearby Terminal 2. Visit this website and check out other attractions at the airport.

Hong Kong airport golf course

4. Munich Airport, Germany

Munich Airport offers to relax with cold beer at its Beer Garden. The event called Surf & Style, with a 200 square meter surfing pool, turned the airport into surfing hotspot. Visit this site for more info.

munich airport beer garden

Jan Vogt surft beim surf & style 2014 - Opening am Flughafen München im MAC foto by

5. Sint Maarten Airport, the Netherlands

The airport is located on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin near the beautiful beaches wchich offers spectacular views on landing airplanes. Visit airport’s website to watch spectacular landing videos.

Saint Martin airport spectacular landings

6. Wellington Airport, New Zealand

If you like The Lord of the Rings, the best place to get stuck in is Wellington Airport in New Zealand. Throughout the terminal you can find all kindos of dramatic Hobbit themed installations. Visit this site to learn more.


7. Nashville Airport, USA

Don’t have to time to go to a concert? Nashville International Airport hosts some of the best local talent that Music City has to offer. Live music at the airport began in 1988 and expanded in 2001. There are four stages located in the terminal. All types of music genres are performed. 80 to 100 bands play year-round. Visit this website to get more details.

Steve Roper Band

8. Heathrow, United Kingdom

Pitch up for a cocktail at the marble-topped bar, or settle in for European dishes at Gordon Ramsay Plane Food, a restaurant owned by chef Gordon Ramsay located at Heathrow’s Terminal 5. Visit this page to learn more.


9. Zürich Airport, Switzerland

Do you want to discover the area surrounding Zurich Airport for yourself? You can rent a variety of sports equipment from the airport Service Center to help you get around. CCheck out this site for more info.

zurich airport inline skates

10. Dubai Airport, United Arab Emirates

Dubai airport serves a lot of attractions for passengers. You can relax in swimming pool or Zen Garden, you can rest in Snoozecube, or even win a luxury car in car lottery. Check out this website for more info.

dubai airport car lottery

dubai airport swimming pool

dubai airport zen gardens

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