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10 Jobs That No Longer Exist Today

There are plenty of jobs today that didn’t exist 10 or 20 years ago. App developer is a quick example. But in the past there were popular jobs that extinct years ago. Most of them disappear due to technological advances. Check out our list of 10 jobs that no longer exist today.

Ice cutter

Ice cutters cut the ice blocks from frozen lakes and transfered them to the ice delivery men. Their work became useless when more and more people started using the refrigerator for keeping their food safe.

Ice cutter 1

Ice cutter 2

Rat catchers

Rat catchers kept the rat population under control to prevent the spread of diseases to man. This occupation was popular in Europe.

V0030482 Liverpool Port Sanitary Authority rat-catchers

Rat catchers 2

Rat catchers 3


Before electrification, all city lamps were lit by hand of lamplighters. They usually held out a long pole with a wick on the end to light the street lights.

Lamplighter 1

Lamplighter 2

Lamplighter 3

Lamplighter 4

Bowling Alley Pinsetter

Before bowling alleys had machines to reset their pins, bowling alley owners hired people called pinsetters to do that job. It was typically a teenagers job and paid very little.

Bowling Alley Pinsetter 1

Bowling Alley Pinsetter 2

Human Alarm Clock

Human Alarm Clocks’ job was to wake up sleeping people so they could get to work on time. They used a heavy stick to knock on the clients’ doors or a long and light stick to reach windows on higher floors. They would not leave a client’s window until they were sure that the client had been awoken.

Human Alarm Clock 1

Human Alarm Clock 2

Human Alarm Clock 3

Human Alarm Clock 4

Switchboard Operator

Switchboard operators were very important in telecommunication industry before digitalization. They were needed to make long distance calls and to manage busy circuits.

Switchboard Operator 1

Switchboard Operator 2

Pre-radar Listener for Enemy Aircraft

Before inventing radar, troops used acoustic mirrors and listening devices like these to focus and detect the sound of engines from approaching aircraft.

Pre-radar Listener for Enemy Aircraft 1

Pre-radar Listener for Enemy Aircraft 2

Log Driver

Before the technology or infrastructure was available to transport logs by truck, log drivers would float and guide them down rivers from logging sites to processing areas.

Log Driver 1


Resurrectionists, or “body snatchers,” were hired in the 19th century. Their job was to remove corpses from graves and deliver them to universities for their students.

Resurrectionist 1

Lector Who Entertained Factory Workers

Lectors were often hired to read in large rooms full of manual laborers to keep them entertained.

Lector Who Entertained Factory Workers 1

Lector Who Entertained Factory Workers 2

Source: BoredPanda

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