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18 Cities That Have Changed Beyond Recognition

The world is changing so fast, we might even not realize it. In just a few decades, a small village can turn into beautiful and world’s most famous metropolis. Therefore it is always fun to see ‘Now & Then’ photos of the famous cities to realize the changes that occurred in just a few years or decades. Check out these astonishing photos of cities that have changed beyond recognition.

Shanghai, China – 1990 and 2010

Shanghai, China – 2010

Image credits: Gizmodo

Jakarta, Indonesia – 1960 and 2010

Jakarta, Indonesia – 1960

Image credits: storkli

Jakarta, Indonesia – 2010

Image credits: Jeffry Surianto

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 1991 and 2012

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 1991

Image credits: libertytotravel

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 2012

Image credits: Tony Wasserman

Hong Kong, China – 1928 and 2014

Hong Kong, China – 1928

Image credits: samcpherson


Image credits: finedininglovers

Paris, France – 1900 and 2014

Paris, France – 1900

Image credits:

Paris, France – 2014

Image credits: Aurélien Le Roch

Toronto, Canada – 1930 and 2013

Toronto, Canada – 1930

Image credits: Toronto Public Library

Toronto, Canada – 2013

Image credits: Farzin Photo

Melbourne, Australia – 1920 and 2011

Melbourne, Australia – 1920

Image credits: Alexaplanningblog

Melbourne, Australia – 2011

Image credits: Flood Slicer

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 1992 and 2014

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 1992

Image credits: Tend To Travel

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 2014

Image credits: Vincent Loy

New York, USA – 1876 to 2013

New York, USA – 1876

New York, USA – 1932

New York, USA – 1988

New York, USA – 2013

Image credits: tier1dc

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