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20 Parenting Lifehacks All Moms And Dads Should Know

Having children is not an easy job. But thanks to some simple lifehacks your life can be a little bit easier. Check out these 20 parenting lifehacks all moms and dads should know.

1. Turn cleaning into a funny game.

2. Create a fun hammock with a bedsheet or blanket tied round a table.

3. Put a swirly straw in a sippy cup upside-down, so kids can’t yank it out and spill their drink.

4. Use a small sticker so little ones know how much toilet paper they need.

5. A little one does not reach the sink? Cut the old plastic bottle and make sinks more accessible.

6. Cut a sticker in half and put each half in each shoes so they know which is left and right.

7. Protect little ones from bugs and hot sun with a bedsheet over an outdoor playpen.

8. Draw around their feet so you can buy shoes without them.

9. Stop toys floating away by bathing kids in a laundry basket.

10. Turn an old crib into a fun workspace for kids.

11. Wrap a pool noodle on the door’s edge to make a door stopper.

12. Pool noodles are also a great way to stop kids falling out of bed.

13. Nail shelves to a dresser to create handy storage for books and comics.

14. Combine laziness and good parenting by using string to “push” kids on a swing.

15. Create a special spray for kids who are afraid of monsters at night.

16. Make vegatables more appealing to get little ones to eat it.

17. Turn old DVD case into storage for paper and pencils.

18. Kids will never get locked in a room if you wrap a rubber band around doorhandles.

19. Make a bracelet with your phone number on, just in case your kid gets lost.

20. Say goodbye to sticky lolly drips by using a plastic cup cover as a drip-catcher.

Share your thoughts about these parenting lifehacks and take a look at these 23 Patient And Loving Dads.

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