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20 Signs You Live In A Hipster Neighbourhood

There was a time when people with oversized glasses were called nerds, buying in thrift shops was not cool and listening to anything but Top 10 immediately deemed you being freak. Today, it makes you a hipster.In almost every major city there is a neighborhood with people to cool for mainstream stuff.

If you have problems recognizing hipsters or you are not sure if you live in a hipster neighborhood, check out these 20 sings.

1. People ride weird looking bicycles

2. People use typewriters as analog laptops

3. People wear colorful clothes

4. You have Apple iStore nearby

5. People use unusual iPhone accessories

6. People have funny dogs

7. Local bars and coffee shops are forced to operate strict door policies

8. Your local stores offer converting DVD to VHS

9. People make extreme sports even more extreme

10. Shoes are not cool

11. But bearded hats are

12. People use unusual forms of transportation

13. Your hair style is different

14. People make their own clothes

15. MP3s are lame

16. People wear unusual shorts

17. Normal subway seats are boring

18. People use multifunctional USB sticks

19. Dogs are too mainstream

20. You know when winter is coming

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