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The Hottest Female Athletes in the 2016 Rio Olympics

The Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro started a few days ago, so we thought it’d be appropriate to share some of the hottest female athletes competing in this year’s games.

1. Alex Morgan – United States, Football

2. Amber Hill – Great Britain, Shooting

3. Ana Ivanovic – Serbia, Tennis

4. Darya Klishina – Russia, Track & Field

5. Ellen Hoog – Netherlands, Field Hockey

6. Eugenie Bouchard – Canada, Tennis

7. Jaqueline Carvalho – Brazil, Volleyball

8. Julie Johnston – United States, Football

9. Mikaela Mayer – United States, Boxing

10. Michelle Jenneke – Australia, Track & Field

11. Kassidy Cook – United States, Diving

12. Zsuzsanna Jakabos – Hungary, Swimming

13. Allison Stokke – United States, Pole Vaulting

14. Winifer Fernandez – Dominican Republic, Volleyball

15. Joanna Jóźwik – Poland, Athletics

Share your thoughts about these female athletes below and check out Bodies We Want – Female Athletes Without Clothes.

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