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23 Patient And Loving Dads

Babysitting can be a little difficult when mommy is not around. The role of the father and demonstration how well men can deal with their offspring requires sometimes a lot of effort and ingenuity. Here are 23 loving dads who try to do their job the best they can.

1. Helps to get rid of stage fright

2. Provides morning exercises

3. He always entertains

4. Eats breakfest with kids

5. Daugther’s coffee always tastes better

6. Wants to look like his little girl

7. Lets his little girl to learn how to make a pedicure

8. Shows awesome sports

9. Knows how to party

10. Takes kids to a gym

11. Lets his kids to play even when he sleeps.

12. He’s not afraid to ask for help

23 Loving And Patient Dads (12)

13. He is a role model

14. Satisfies children’s curiosity

15. Organizes afternoon fun games

16. Like father, like daugther

17. He can make a ponytail

23 Loving And Patient Dads (17)

18. Always handsome

19. And ready for a new haircut

20. He is a good teacher

21. He is always full of compromises

22. Multitask is his middle name

23. Never feels blue

23 Loving And Patient Dads (23)

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