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25 Crazy Things You Will Only Find In Japan

Japan is truly remarkable country, and certainly not because of its charming nature, but its crazy ideas. The Japanese are very inventive and efficient nation, but sometimes their ideas goes a bit too far. If you plan to visit this amazing country, check out these 25 crazy things you will only find in Japan.

1. Unusual parking lots

Japan is relatively small and overcrowded country, so there are a lot of problems with free space. When you walk past people’s homes it’s not uncommon to see a pair of cars stacked on top of each other in the driveway.

2. Mayonnaise

Kewpie (named after the kewpie doll) is Japan’s most famous brand of mayonnaise. It is not that different from what we use in Europe or in the U.S. The diffrence is where the Japanese use it. While Europeans use it on sandwiches, the Japanese use mayonnaise on ice cream, potato chips, and even pancakes.

3. Super Umbrella

When rain is coupled with strong winds, regular umbrellas are basically useless. The Japanese handled this uncomfortable situation with their typical grace.

4. Lift Girls

Job that extinct in Western countries in an effort to save money is still available in Japan. Almost every department store has a lift girl who pushes the button for you.

5. Inemuri

Inemuri (居眠り) is the Japanese practice of sleeping on the job. It is a way for an employee to show his commitment to work. Some people even fake inemuri, so that their bosses believe they are working hard. How crazy is that?

6. Toilet slippers

The Japanese seperate different areas into clean and unclean. For example, the inside of the house is considered a clean area, whereas the outside of the house is considered unclean. When they enter the house, they take their unclean shoes off so that the unclean shoes do not touch the clean area inside of the house. Historically, toilets were located outside of the house, and shoes were worn for a trip to the toilet. Today, almost every house has the toilet inside, but the tradition still remains.

7. Subway Chin Rest

The Japanese work really hard, so they have tendencies to sleep in the subway. They invented a special gadget that comfortably supports their heads during the snooze.

8. Yaeba

Yaeba literally means “multilayered” or “double” tooth, and describes crooked teeth. In Western culture it is considered as imperfection, while in Japan it is considered cute, childlike and attractive.


9. Ice Cream Flavours

Would you like your ice cream flavored with horse meat, jellyfish, charcoal or octopus? No problem, just visit Japan.

10. Easy ear explorer

Did you feel urgent need to see inside your ear? Check out this ear explorer.

11. Vending Machines

Japanese vending machines are everywhere and have almost everything. Do you want to buy eggs, perfumes or even underwear? Just find the nearest vending machine.

12. Baby mops

Let your toddler to clean your house. Genius.

baby mops

13. Bubble packaging simulator

Who doesn’t like to pop bubble wrap. But what if you don’t have any? Don’t worry. The Japanese have come up with a toy that simulates bubble wrap.

14. World’s Shortest Escalator

The Japanese took laziness to the next level. They made the world’s shortest escalator. It has only five steps and is located in the basement of More’s Department store in the city of Kawasaki.

15. Aokigahara

Aokigahara (青木ヶ原), also known as the Suicide Forest, is the most popular place for suicides in Japan. There are about 100 suicides occurred there every year.

16. Weird Kit Kat flavours

Did you think that octopus ice cream is weird? How about Wasabi or Red Bean Sandwich Kit Kat.

17. Pillows for lonely men

Not much to add 🙂

18. Pillows for lonely women

Of course there is no discrimination for the sexes.

19. Braille on Beer Cans

Beer manufacturers in Japan have started stamping braille on the top of cans that spells out “alcohol.

20. Washlet

Washlet is an electric toilet seats with water spray feature for washing. SOme model even have such features as electric seat heating or sensors that prevents spraying water when a person is not sitting on the toilet.

21. Gas mask island

Miyake-jima is a small island located in southeast Japan featuring an active volcano, Mount Oyama. The island is known as a Gas Mask Island because of volcanic activity that causes poisonous gas to leak from the earth. It forced the 3,600 island residents to evacuate in 2000, but the citizens just won’t stay away.

22. Capsule hotel

A capsule hotel features a large number of extremely small “rooms” (capsules)in order to provide cheap, basic overnight accommodation for guests who do not need the services offered by more conventional hotels.

23. Butter Stick

If you are tired of using knife to put butter on your bread, here a solution for you. The butter stick. It looks like a glue stick but with butter in it.

24. Itasha

Itasha (痛車, literally “painful car”), is a Japanese term for decorating cars with fictional characters of anime, manga, or video games (especially bishōjo game or eroge).


25. Kanamara Matsuri

The Shinto Kanamara Matsuri (かなまら祭り, also knows as “Festival of the Steel Phallus”) is an annual festival in Kawasaki, Japan. The event is a religious celebration of the penis.

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