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25 Photos With The Creepiest Backstories [18+] – Part 4

Some of the content in this article is graphic, and many of the stories told about the faces seen are mostly dark and horrid. There are certainly more disturbing photos online and we don’t want to see them. In fact, we will forever remember these faces with our utmost sympathy. The victims’ stories are that of a horror movie, but yet they are all real.

Warning! These photos might be very frightening for some people.

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1. Soon after this photo was taken and shared on Facebook, Robert Giblin stabbed his pregnant wife, threw her off the balcony and then jumped to his own death.


2. Sandy Irvine and George Mallory may have been the first people to have reached the peak of Mount Everest but no one knows because no one saw them again.

This is the last photo ever taken of them leaving base camp in 1924. George Mallory’s body was found in 1999.


3. The crew of Space Shuttle Challenger before it’s crash in 1986.

A little over a minute after takeoff a booster engine broke from it’s rocket. 5 Astronauts and 2 payload specialist died as a result of the failed, nationally televised launch.


4. This picture was found on a hiker’s cell phone.

Darsh Patel was killed and the phone used to take this picture was punctured by the bear’s teeth.


5. This same gun was used a short time after the photo was taken to murder the girl posting the snap chat.


6. Officer Moira Smith helps a man after the 9/11 attacks.

10 minutes after this photo was taken she went back to help more people and paid the ultimate price.


7. This is the Hally family before takeoff the Malaysia Airlines MH17 flight in 2014.

The MH17 Flight was shot down over Ukraine and everyone on board was killed.


8. Timothy McVeigh stops his rental truck to light the fuse that would kill 168 in the Oklahoma bombing.


9. This photo, taken in 1853 shows Joseph Avery hanging on to a log after his boat hit a rock on the Niagara River.

Everyone else died but he was able to hold on to this log for 18 hours.  He was eventually rescued but the rescue boat also sank and he fell back in the water. He died after going over the falls.


10. This is Stephen Hilder giving the thumbs up right before his last jump.

He sabotaged both his primary and backup parachutes and jumped from a plane.


11. 520 people lost their lives when Japan Airlines Flight 123 crashed.

This photo was taken 32 minutes prior.


12. Officer Steven Green can be seen in this picture with the man who would later stab and kill him.


13. In 1961 Sabena Flight 548 crashed while landing in Brussels.

73 people died, including the entire US figure skating team.


14. Ayano Tokumasu can be seen in the background of this photo before leaping to her death on accident at Niagara Falls.


15. 10 seconds after this picture was taken of Andrey Retrovsky fell to his death.


16. Marianne Labanane and Gilles Leclerc moments before a gunman opened fire at a concert in Paris.

Gilles would lose his life at the concert.


17. Dashcam footage of TransAsia Airways Flight 235 crashing in Taiwan.

42 out of 58 people on the flight died.


18. This is Sharon Tate, the day she was murdered by members Charles Manson’s cult.


19. Gabriela Hernandez’s last facebook post seconds before hanging herself. She was only 23.


20. “The Most Beautiful Suicide”

Student Robert Wiles captured this photo of Evelyn McHale, shortly after she jumps off the Empire State building on May 1, 1947. Evelyn (23), looks at peace in this picture. Her hand clutching her necklace, her right hand with its gracefully curled fingers and her gently crossed ankles, suggest that she is at rest, thinking of a far away place. The same day of her suicide, Life Magazine devoted an entire page to this photo and even went as far as labeling it as poetic, calling it “The most beautiful suicide.”


21. Amanda Todd – YouTube video

On September 7, 2012, Amanda posted a video on YouTube called, “My Story: Struggling, bullying, suicide and self-harm.” The video shows Amanda using a series of flash cards to describe how one cyber bully has followed her for years, no matter how many schools she changes. Every school she visits, the bully posts sexually explicit photos of Amanda on Facebook, leaving the kids to harass and bully her. She also mentioned that at one point she tried drinking bleach to kill herself, but lived through it after having her stomach pumped at the hospital. A few weeks after she posted this video, Amanda Todd was found dead in her home on October 10, 2012. Her YouTube video went viral just days later, leading to an international intervention on establishing laws against cyber bullies.


22. The Hiroshima Shadows

These are the victims of the Hiroshima bombing. When the atombic bomb went off, an enormous amount of thermal radiation was emitted, vaporizing every living thing in sight. However, the victims blocked some of the thermal energy long enough to protect the wall behind them from being “bleached.” This is a horrific reminder about the powers of nuclear war and the victims that have suffered.


23. “Will it ever end?”

In 2008, American photographer Brian Driscoll captured a series of photos called, “Will It Ever End?” The photos are powerful and show the long-lasting effects of agent orange. A chemical used by the U.S. Military between 1961 and 1972 in the Vietnam war.

Phirum Ung, 5, third generation Agent Orange victim, naps in a hammock at home in Beng Melea Province, Cambodia. Most days are spent with his mother pan handling at the Angkor Wat Temples. Phirum Ung was born in south eastern Cambodia, where thousands of acres were sprayed with a chemical herbicide dioxin coded "Agent Orange".

Phirum Ung, 5, third generation Agent Orange victim, naps in a hammock at home in Beng Melea Province, Cambodia. Most days are spent with his mother pan handling at the Angkor Wat Temples. Phirum Ung was born in south eastern Cambodia, where thousands of acres were sprayed with a chemical herbicide dioxin coded “Agent Orange”.

24. This is 22-year-old Julia Popova after being stabbed by a mugger.

On her way home one day from work, she was attacked by a mugger. She was in such shock by the attack, that she walked home without realizing a six-inch knife was in her neck. The knife was literally less than an inch away from her spinal cord and luckily she is now fully recovered with no paralysis. The picture quickly went viral and for a while many thought it was fake, until doctors from Moscow confirmed the photos authenticity.


25. This eerie photo is of the Heaven’s Gate cult in 1997, led by Marshall Applewhite.

After the discovery of the comet Hale-bopp in 1995, the cult believed there was a higher race of aliens hiding in a ship behind the comet; undetectable to humans. In March of 1997, the comet was passing earth at its closest distance. This is when Applewhite, and 38 of his cult followers drank a lethal mixture of phenobarbital and vodka, laid down and waited to die. They believed they would leave their bodies and enter the alien ship, moving into a higher existence through the Heavens Gate. All of the members were found to be wearing black clothes and Nike sneakers.


Source: imgur

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