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30 Common Misconceptions That You Probably Thought Were True

A dropped penny won’t kill you, you can wake a sleepwalker, and bats aren’t blind. These are just three of world’s most contagious myths. Check out our list of 30 common misconceptions.

1. Sharks don’t get cancer.

Oh yes, they do get cancer. Particulary skin cancer.

2. You can’t wake a sleepwalker.

It’s okay to wake a sleepwalker. He or she will be confused, but not harmed. They more likely hurt themselves if they’re not awoken.

3. Bull hate red color.

Bulls are color-blinded. They actually react to motions of the bull fighter’s cloth.

4. Napoleon was short.

He was 1.68 metres (5 ft 6 in) tall, which was above the average height for a Frenchman at the time.

5. Black holes.

They are not really ‘holes’ but hugely dense objects with massive gravitational pull.

6. Different tongue parts.

There are no different section for each taste: bitter, sour, salty and sweet.

7. Deadly electric fan at night.

It’s a huge myth in South Korea that electric fan at night is deadly. It’s very unlikely, unless you put the fan in bed.

8. Great Wall Of China.

It’s a common myth that it is visible from space. Don’t make that mistake again.

9. Missing persons report.

Police don’t demand a 24-hour period before accepting a missing person report.

10. Bananas grow on trees.

Actually they grow on massive herbs that resemble trees. I bet you didn’t know that 🙂

11. Dogs sweat by salivating.

They actually sweat through footpads.

12. We loose body heat through head.

Only in infants is most heat lost through the head.

13. Vikings’ horned helmets.

Actually they were created by a costume designer for a 19-th century Wagner opera.

14. Bats are blind.

That’s not true. They can see and can also use echolocation.

15. Don’t touch baby birds.

Birds have a limited sense of smell so won’t abandon babies who smell like humans.

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Thank you, from the bottom of my linguistic heart, for using the proper term, “misconceptions,” instead of “myths.”


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