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30 Common Misconceptions That You Probably Thought Were True

16. Einstein failed maths.

Nope. He failed an entrance exam for a school.

17. We have 5 senses.

Actually, we have more than five senses. Except the 5 senses you already know, we also have balance and acceleration sense, sense of heat or cold, sense of feeling pain and many more.

18. “Yes, I’m a cop”.

Actually, US undercover police do not have to identify themselves as cops. It’s a Hollywood-induced myth.

19. Goldfish 3-second memory.

They are not the smartest, but they can remember up to 3 months period.

20. Humans and dinosaurs lived together.

Actually, we missed each other ~63 million years.

21. Caffeine dehydrates you.

Not really. The diuretic effect of caffeine is offset by the amount of water in a caffeinated drink.

22. Dropped pennies kill.

Terminal velocity of a penny is 30-50 mph, which isn’t fast enough to kill you. But it would hurt, though.

23. The Three Wise Men.

Nowhere in the New Testament is specified there were three.

24. Alcohol keeps you warm.

Dilates warm blood vessels near the skin, creating the impression of warmth. It can drop core body temperature.

25. Alcohol kills brain cells.

Only in heavy users and alcoholics who rely on alcohol to get most of their calories.

26. 7 years to digest a gum.

Gum is indigestible and passes straight through.

27. Flushed water rotation.

Flushed water doesn’t rotate other way in the Southern Hempisphere. The Coriolis effect doesn’t affect water in toilets.

28. Martyrs and 72 virgins.

A matter of debate in Islam. Nowhere in Qu’ran, but is reported in other texts.

29. Milk increases mucous.

There’s no need to avoid diary if you have a cold.

30. No sex before the game.

There is no evidence that sex impairs athletic performance. It could even help athletes due to incread testosterone.

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Thank you, from the bottom of my linguistic heart, for using the proper term, “misconceptions,” instead of “myths.”


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