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40 Examples Of Creative Ads – Part 3

No matter what the medium, you still need a concept that’s going to stick in people’s minds. Check out our third part of the most creative ads.

1. Ecovia: Stop the Violence, Don’t drink and drive

Creative Ads Ecovia

2. UNEP: Skyline

Creative Ads UNEP

3. Jeep: Elephant

(There’s a different animal when the ad is rotated upside down)

Creative Ads Jeep Elephant

4. Jeep: Doe

(There’s a different animal when the ad is rotated upside down)

Creative Ads Jeep Doe

5. Jeep: Giraffe

(There’s a different animal when the ad is rotated upside down)

Creative Ads Jeep Giraffe

6. Nivea Men: Worry lines, Kids

Creative Ads Nivea

7. Unicef: Water Bomb

Creative Ads Unicef Water Bomb

8. John Lewis: Home

Creative Ads John Lewis Home

9. John Lewis: Beauty

Creative Ads John Lewis Beauty

10. John Lewis: Little Waitrose

Creative Ads John Lewis Little Waitrose

11. Bango Sweet Soy Sauce: Mutton

Creative Ads Bango Sweet Soy Sauce

12. Playboy Magazine: Hands

Creative Ads Playboy Magazine Hands

13. Honda: Ride Your Way

Creative Ads Honda Ride Your Way

14. LEGO: The Simpsons

Creative Ads LEGO The Simpsons

15. Adidas: Forever Sport (Double Page Ads)

Creative Ads Adidas Forever Sport

16. Nilkamal Plastics: Elephant

Creative Ads Nilkamal Plastics Elephant

17. Chupa Chups lollipops: Sugar Free

Creative Ads Chupa Chups lollipops Sugar Free

18. McDonald’s: Real. Good.

Creative Ads McDonalds Real Good

19. Bosch IXO Power Tool

Unexpectedly powerful: the IXO with Lithium-Ion technology.

Creative Ads Bosch IXO Power Tool

20. IKEA: Need Space?

Creative Ads IKEA Need Space

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