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40 Packaging Fails That Will Make You Laugh

Packaging is originally meant for protecting the product during transportation. But over the decades packaging gained a new function – it has to grab our attention and make us to buy the product. But sometimes it grabs our attention for a whole different reason. Check out these 40 hilarious and unintentionally inappropriate packaging fails that hit the market.

1. Barbie for curious boys?

2. I heard too much of this stuff isn’t good for you

3. Dwarf Edition bath?


4. Sounds delicious

5. But this sound more yummy

6. Very manly version

7. This looks very disturbing

8. Extraction process probably looks awful

9. Why this watermelon is yellow?

10. Are you sure it’s properly tuned?


11. Will you dare to eat this?


12. Very unfortunate design

13. You got nice balls over there

14. At least they are enjoying themselves

15. Jam – Hannibal Lecter Edition

16. This dog really looks weird

17. Ken really likes his horse

18. No need to explain

19. You can be sure there is meat in it

20. Fortune cookie never lies

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