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50 Incredible Photos You May Not Have Seen Before – Part 4

26. Fossilized Teeth of a T-Rex.

27. Wheel hub maintenance on a mining truck.

28. Oasis in Libya.

29. Curtain from a smokers apartment, after being dunked in a bathtub.

30. Neil Peart’s Drum Kit.

31. Italian MEP Licia Ronzulli is known for often bringing her daughter to work with her.

32. This driverless Mercedes-Benz is cruising around San Francisco.

33. Cartoonist Chuck Jones’ rules for Wild E. Coyote and the Roadrunner.

34. These two women are twins – biological sisters parented by white father and half-Jamaican mother.

35. A lantern festival in Thailand.

36. X-Ray of a Meat Grinder Accident.

37. First-class cabin on the Airbus A380.

38. Beluga Whales migration, Nunavut Inlet, Canada.

39. Diver swims with blue whale.

40. The LED screen shows the rising sun on the Tiananmen Square which is shrouded with heavy smog on January 16, 2014 in Beijing, China.

41. The spine of someone with untreated severe scoliosis.

42. Sperm Whales Sleeping.

43. Aerial view of housing in the eastern city of Jiangyin, China.

44. This giraffe had eaten all it could reach.

45. Al Capone’s cell.

46. First class on the Qantas Airbus A380.

47. Firefighter handcuffed by a California Highway Patrol Officer at a crash scene.

48. Female Journalists Sitting On Floor In Iran.

49. National Library of China, Beijing.

50. Kristian Nairn (Hodor from Game Of Thrones) is a DJ.

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