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Afghan Mujahideen During The 1979-1980 [18+]

During the Cold War, Soviet-led Afghan forces fought against the multi-national insurgent groups called the Mujahideen. The Soviet war in Afghanistan started in December 1979 and lasted over nine years to February 1989. American photographer Steve McCurry, slipped into Afghanistan across the border with Pakistan in 1979 and joined Afghan mujahideen. With a help of a couple of guides who did not speak English, he worked undercover wearing local clothes for almost 2 years to capture these photos posted below. Check them out.

Warning. Some of these photos may be disturbing to some viewers.

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Afghan Mujahideen (1)

2. Evening Prayers.

Afghan Mujahideen (2)

3. Fathers and sons fought side by side.

Afghan Mujahideen (3)

4. Nuristan, Afghanistan.

Afghan Mujahideen (4)


Afghan Mujahideen (5)


Afghan Mujahideen (6)


Afghan Mujahideen (7)


Afghan Mujahideen (8)


Afghan Mujahideen (9)

10. This village was destroyed by government forces in the spring of 1979 because they had given refuge to Mujahadeen.

Afghan Mujahideen (10)


Afghan Mujahideen (11)

12. Strategy session in Kunar Province.

Afghan Mujahideen (12)

13. Men used various weapons, from swords and axes to ancient guns and rocket-propelled grenades.

Afghan Mujahideen (13)

14. Two government collaorators executed by Mujahadeen near Jalalabad.

Afghan Mujahideen (14)

15. Planting land mines in Logar Province to thwart the government troops’ advance.

Afghan Mujahideen (15)

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