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The Alternate Endings of Famous Movies And TV Shows

A movie is often the result of many factors and visions. The director or screenwriter has to take the difficult decision how to close its history. Many directors shoot a few endings and decide later which one will be used during the post-production. Most of the alternate endings never leave the studio. But some of them are included in film’s DVD editions or collector’s editions. Terminator 2, The Butterfly Effect, Die Hard with a Vengeance. These are just a few films that the directors wanted to end differently. Here are 10 the most interesting alternate endings of famous movies.

1. Blade Runner

2. True Romance

3. 16 Blocks

4. Die Hard with a Vengeance

5. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

6. Army of Darkness

7. First Blood

8. Ronin

9. I Am Legend

10. The Butterfly Effect

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