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Awesome Office Mural Made With 8,024 Post-Its

Some offices have a bit sad athmosphere, like in a hospital or a prison cell. A group of coworkers with an Imgur user, bruck7, wanted to spruce up the sterile, white space around them. They’ve ordered over 8000 Post-Its and created a few portraits of super heroes like Batman and Spider-Man. The final result is mind blowing. Hopefully, the staff pasted the Post-Its with more than just a glue stick.

Check out this awesome office mural made with 8,024 Post-Its below.

Boring office wall

Superhero Post-It office mural

Superhero Post-It Mural (2)

Superhero Post-It Mural (3)

Bruck7 wanted something colorful, playful, and inspiring. After exchanging ideas with his creative director, they both decided to put pixeleted iconic posters of superheroes.

Wonder Woman

Superhero Post-It Mural (4)


Superhero Post-It Mural (5)

Captain A

Superhero Post-It Mural (6)

Scarlet Witch

Superhero Post-It Mural (7)

Iron Man

Superhero Post-It Mural (8)


Superhero Post-It Mural (9)


Superhero Post-It Mural (10)

The designs required 8,024 post-its in total.

Superhero Post-It Mural (11)

Some of his office colleagues volunteered to come in over the weekend to install the mural.

Superhero Post-It Mural (12)

Looks promising.

Superhero Post-It Mural (13)

Superhero Post-It Mural (14)

Superhero Post-It Mural (15)

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