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Awesome Photos Of Traveling LEGO Men

Rick and Eddie, two travelers from Poland took little LEGO men and made an awesome photo session called Travellers Lego Story. This extraordinary project shows traveling LEGO men around the Poland. They visit castles, mountains, they climb and take pictures. Just like they were real people. Check out these awesome photos of traveling LEGO men.

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The travelers

traveling LEGO men

Lego Travelers Story 2

Modlin Fortress

Modlin Fortress 1

Modlin Fortress 2

Modlin Fortress 3


Białowieża 1

Białowieża 2

Białowieża 3

Liw Castle

Liw Castle 1

Liw Castle 2

Liw Castle 3

Tatra Mountains

Tatra Mountains 1

Tatra Mountains 2

Tatra Mountains 3

Tatra Mountains 4

Share your thoughts about the traveling LEGO men below and check out Incredible Landmark Photos Taken From A Drone.

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