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Behind Camera Lens: World War I Photographers

Thanks to the brave photographers we can view photos from war fronts. But have you ever wondered who are those guys and how they look like? Here’s an amazing collection of World War I photographers taking photos in Europe from between July 1914 until November 1918. Check it out below.

1. Photographer making arrangement with Spanish Guard to get views of horses crossing bridge for purchase by A.E.F.

Location: Hendaye, Basses Pyrennes, France. Date: 12/18/1918.

World War I Photographers (1)

2. Members of Photo Unit G.H.Q. Chaumont.

Left to right: Cpl. J.S. Schlick; Pvt L.S. Pauley; Capt. C. Christie; Sgt. H.A. Nash; Pvt. Jack Estes; Lt. L.J. Rode.

World War I Photographers (2)

3. Photo Unit after taking pictures.

Lieut. Strohmeyer (in observer’s seat in plane) Sgt. A.J. Roach by movie camera; Lt. E.G. White, Signal Officer, French Sergeant-Pilot Geriet.

World War I Photographers (3)

4. Lt. Sintzenich on roof of ambulance making moving pictures of crowd outside of Buckingham Palace celebrating signing of Armistice.

World War I Photographers (4)

5. Running 5th Army Photographic Car off ferry.

Photographer: Sgt. Eikleberg, S.C. Location: Devant, Mouzon, Ardennes, France. Date 11/18/1918.

World War I Photographers (5)

6. Children of Archangel forget their usual call of American-ski biscuit long enough to pose for Movie Operator.

Photographer: Sgt. Shotwell. Location: Archangel, Russia. Date 10/17/1918.

World War I Photographers (6)

7. 6th Division Photographic Unit.

Left to right : Lt. J.C. Zimmerman, Sgt 1st Cl E.R. Tarbold, and Pvt Lannis P. Gologhtly.

World War I Photographers (7)

8. 2nd Lieut. A.H.C. Sintzenich, official photographer, S.C. taking pictures along narrow gauge railway through Aerodrome.

Photo by: Pvt. D.W. Kelly, S.C. Ford Junction Aerodrome, Sussex, England.

World War I Photographers (8)

9. French photographers making pictures of French and American soldiers.

Photographer: Sgt 1st cl. J. T. Seabrook, S.C. Location: Gondrecourt-Sur-Meuse, France. Date: September 9, 1918.

World War I Photographers (9)

10. Official Photographer, 2nd Lieut. A.H.C. Sintzenich, S.C. operating Debrie camera from Farman Plane No. 1741 and 1st Lieut. A.W. Bevin, A.S. pilot, about to make a flight over the Aerodrome.

World War I Photographers (10)

11. Photo Unit photographing the bridge at Grandpre over the Aire River which had been 3x blown by the Germans, and rebuilt Co. B, 303rd Engrs.

Photographer: Lt. Estep, S.C. Grandpre, Ardennes, F.

World War I Photographers (11)

12. Sgt. Chas. E. Mace of the SC, making pictures in St. Juvin. This picture was taken the day that the Americans renewed their offensive.

Photographer: Lt. Stone, S.C. St. Juvin, Ardennes, France.

World War I Photographers (12)

13. Engineers removing the aerial bomb planted under the bridge which did not explode. S.C. cameraman on the job.

Photographer: Sgt. Seabrook, S.C. Location: Not Identified. Date: November 1, 1918.

World War I Photographers (13)

14. View of a wreck Liberty plane which was smashed in the get-away, showing the movie camera attached to the observer’s set.

Pictures were to be taken over the lines. Rembercourt, Meurthe et Moselle, France.

World War I Photographers (14)

15. Signal Corps Movie Operator Pvt. Morse photographing passing throngs during celebration of the signing of the armistice.

Photographer: Pvt. Charles Stern, SC. Place de La Concorde, Paris, Seine, France.

World War I Photographers (15)

16. Photographers going into battle on a British Army Tank. Sgt Morris and Pvt Persse, S.C. On battlefield between Villeret and Bellicourt.

Photo by: Pvt E. J. Peter, 9/29/1918.

World War I Photographers (16)

17. The American Army advance northwest of Verdun. Lieut McDonald films 6th, 1st ID artillery duel in Argonne.

Photo by: Sgt. J.A. Marshall. Exermont, Ardennes 10/5/1918.

World War I Photographers (17)

18. American S.C. Movie Unit at work, in a French OP. Cigarette Butte, ( Hill 274) near Mt. Des Allieux France.

Photo by: Sgt. 1stCl J.T. Seabrook, 9/26/1918.

World War I Photographers (18)

19. Lieutenant Shoesack in front of Photo Unit dugout. Photo Unit, 4th Division.

Photographer: Lt. E.R. Estep, S.C. Location: Cuisy, Meuse, France. Date October 14, 1918.

World War I Photographers (19)

20. Truck trains unloading another consignment of Americans a barrack in Lorraine, France. A. U.S. Signal Corps photographer filming them as they arrive.

Photo by: S.C. Date 1918.

World War I Photographers (20)

Source: ShootingFilm

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