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Berlin During The 1920s

The Golden Twenties was a vibrant period in the history of Europe and the history of the world in general. But 1920s Berlin was a city of many social contrasts. People struggled with high unemployment and deprivations in the aftermath of World War I. By 1924, the political and economic chaos, including the dramatic phase of hyperinflation that followed its defeat, was over. After the Greater Berlin Act the city became the third largest municipality in the world. The upper class and a growing middle class started to rediscover prosperity and turned Berlin into a cosmopolitan city. Take a look at these 30 photos showing 1920s Berlin. Photographer(s) unknown.

1. Newspaper sellers sitting on a stick, 1927.

1920s Berlin

2. Streets of Berlin, 1928.

Berlin during 1920s (2)

3. Friedrichstraße (lit. Frederick Street), c. 1927.

Berlin during 1920s (3)

4. Cabaret dancers, 1927

Berlin during 1920s (4)

5. School children, 1925.

Berlin during 1920s (5)

6. Erik Charell repeating with dancers in a music hall, 1925.

Berlin during 1920s (6)

7. Romanisches Café, 1925.

Berlin during 1920s (7)

8. Cabaret dancers, 1927.

Berlin during 1920s (8)

9. The sculptor and engraver Renée Sintenis and her Studebaker, 1928.

Berlin during 1920s (9)

10. Max Krehan’s Ceramics Workshop at the Weimar Bauhaus, 1924.

Berlin during 1920s (10)

11. In 1923, the Berlin Tempelhof airport was opened. This is a small hut for the first construction workers.

Berlin during 1920s (11)

12. Margo Lion and Wilhelm Bendow, 1927.

Berlin during 1920s (12)

13. Rush hour, 1927.

Berlin during 1920s (13)

14. A woman using stationery machine, 1927.

Berlin during 1920s (14)

15. People having fun at the Wannsee, Berlin, 1925.

Berlin during 1920s (15)

16. Cabaret dancers, 1927.

Berlin during 1920s (16)

17. Sign on a barbershop announcing special prices for the unemployed, 1927.

Berlin during 1920s (17)

18. Women, ca. 1925.

Berlin during 1920s (18)

19. Street scene, 1925.

Berlin during 1920s (19)

20. People drinking coffee, 1925.

Berlin during 1920s (20)

21. Arrest after a street fight during “Blutmai” (eng. Bloody May), 1929.

Berlin during 1920s (21)

22. Before the stock market crash.

Berlin during 1920s (22)

23. Recalcitrant dog, 1926.

Berlin during 1920s (23)

24. The election Sunday in Berlin, which was operated with great propaganda acts. Propaganda cars of the Communist Party crossing the Alexanderplatz, 1924.

Berlin during 1920s (24)

25. Karl-Liebknecht-Haus, the KPD’s headquarters from 1926 to 1933.

Berlin during 1920s (25)

26. Election campaign of the Communist Party in March, 1925.

Berlin during 1920s (26)

27. Cocaine dealer “Koks Emil” selling drugs on the streets in Berlin, 1929.

Berlin during 1920s (27)

28. Schauspielhaus Berlin (now Konzerthaus Berlin), 1925.

Berlin during 1920s (28)

29. Hiding cocaine, 1925.

Berlin during 1920s (29)

30. Summer refreshment, 1925.

Berlin during 1920s (30)

Source: eska

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