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Body Motions Revealed With LEDs In Long Exposure Photography

Light painting dates back to 1889, but thanks to photographers like Stephen Orlando, this form of long exposure photography will never be boring. Orlando took his camera and put programmable strips of LED lights on kayakers, swimmers, tennis players, and other athletes to capture their body movements in long exposure photography. The final effect is astonishing. The photographer has plenty more long-exposure light paintings on his website (, where he’s also got prints for sale. So be sure to check it out soon.


Kayaking-long-exposure (1)

Kayaking-long-exposure (2)

Kayaking-long-exposure (3)

Kayaking-long-exposure (4)


Canoeing-long-exposure (1)

Canoeing-long-exposure (2)

Canoeing-long-exposure (3)

Canoeing-long-exposure (4)


swimming-long-exposure (1)

swimming-long-exposure (2)

swimming-long-exposure (3)


football-long-exposure (1)

football-long-exposure (2)

football-long-exposure (3)


karate-long-exposure (1)

karate-long-exposure (2)

karate-long-exposure (3)


tennis-long-exposure (1)

tennis-long-exposure (2)

tennis-long-exposure (3)

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