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Brilliant Ideas To Make Staying At School More Enjoyable

Check out the 20 brilliant ideas to make staying at school more enjoyable.

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1. Periodic table of the elements


2. Safe charging station

3. Door in the math class

4. Clock in the math class

5. Japanese kindergarten, which collects rainwater so children can play in it

6. Parking for skateboards

7. Lockers promoting reading books

8. A table with solar panels to charge your device via USB

9. Mirror in cooking lessons so you can see better what the teacher is doing

10. Cables in the computer room

11. Teacher installed bike pedals under her students’ desks to stop them fidgeting and help them channel their energy

12. Vending machines with school supplies

13. How to encourage children to recycle

14. Slide from class to playground

15. Educational stairs

16. Tables in the chemistry department

17. Japanese outdoor kindergarten

18. Anti-stress bubble wrap before the exam

19. Stairs for walking, running and staring at the phone

20. Sound meter in the university library

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