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Colorful Paper Quilled Portraits by Yulia Brodskaya

There are a million ways to make art of paper, but artworks made by Yulia Brodskaya are very eye-catching. Yulia is an artist born in Russia and currently based in UK. She has carved a niche for herself and has established herself has a worldwide known celebrity as gifted paper quilling talent. This art is created by rolling or bending strips of paper and gluing their side to the surface. The paper’s width give a depth to the artworks.

Yulia, with her collection called the “Old People Portraits”, shows us how the entire life of people could be read on their faces. Check out some of their artworks below and be sure to visit her website for more!

More info: Website | Facebook | Instagram

1. Girl with peacock earrings

2. Topaz

3. Jade

4. Textile Market

5. Lipstick

6. Suction

7. Amethyst

8. LovesDoves

9. Melting

10. Babushka

Share your thoughts about the Yulia Brodskaya’s artwork and check out Awesome Origami Projects.

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