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10 Examples Of Creative Street Art That You Must See – Part 1

There are many forms of urban art, which can be an interesting alternative for graffiti. Some artists can change urban gray space in a very original and colourful way. But street art is not only the murals and  graffiti. In many cities, artists change electrical boxes, holes in roads or cracks in the walls into astonishing piece of art. Check out these 10 examples of the most creative street art projects from around the world. Do you know other interesting examples? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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1. Eco-friendly street art – London, United Kingdom

Anna Garforth is a London-based artist creating eco-friendly graffiti. The project called Mossenger involves the creation of  inscriptions on building walls using natural materials like moss, grass or leaves.

eco-friendly street art 1

eco-friendly street art 2

More info: Anna Garforth

2. Cracked wall art – Russia

Artists from around the world are trying to give some colours to monotonous, grey cities. Alexey Menschikov uses cracks in pavements and building walls as his canvas, and create some humorous images on them.

cracked wall art 1

cracked wall art 2

More info: Alexey Menschikov

3. Electrical box changed into mural – San Francisco, USA

American artist Mona Caron changed boring electrical boxes in San Francisco into astonishing murals. When you look at this utility box from a specific position, its perspective lines will match those of its surroundings, providing a glimpse into an alternative reality.


More info: Mona Caron

4. Origami mural – Paris, France

Mademoiselle Maurice spent many days folding colourful origami and sticking them on building walls in Paris. Now, you can find her urban installations in many cities around the world.

Origami mural 1

Origami mural 2

More info: Mademoiselle Maurice

5. 3D Pavement Art – Ireland

Edgar Müller is one of the most talented artist in 3D street paintings. When you look at his works from the right angle, you will get the illusion of incredible depth.

3D Street Art

More info: Edgar Müller

6. Anamorphic Garden Square – Paris, France

Francois Abelanet hired ninety gardeners and created anamorphic garden square in front of City Hall for the Paris art exhibition in 2011. When you looked at the garden from the proper perspective, it gives you the illusion of a three-dimensional globe. The artist used 1200 m² of lawn, 300 m² seedlings of white stonecrop and 650 m² of sand and straw.

Anamorphic Quare Garden 1

Anamorphic Quare Garden 2

More info: Francois Abelanet

7. Colourful storm drains and manhole covers – São Paulo, Brazil

Brazilian artists, Anderson Augusto and Leonardo Delafuente, created an art project called 6EMEIA to publicize street art in the city of São Paulo. They change storm drains and manhole covers in a very humorous way.

colourful storm drain

oreo manhole cover

More info: SAO!

8. Filling holes with LEGO

German artists has complemented defects in the building walls with colorful Lego bricks. They gave colours to buildings in 34 cities around the world – from New York to Taipei.

Filling holes with LEGO 1

Filling holes with LEGO 2

More info:

9. Electrical tower transformed into a stained glass lighthouse – Essen, Germany

Back in 2010, a trio of art students from Germany, Ail Hwang, Hae-Ryaan Jeon and Ghung Ki Park, transformed a boring electrical tower into a translucent, stained glass installation. They called their project Leuchtturm which means Lighthouse in English. The Lighthouse is located on n the outskirts of the German city of Essen.

Electrical tower transformed into a stained glass lighthouse

More info:

10. Miniature gardens in road holes – United Kingdom

English artist and gardener Steve Wheen decided to improve the appearance of streets and sidewalks in East London, filling the road holes with sand, grass, flowers and miniature objects. He encourage artists from other countries to participate in his project called The Pot Hole Gardener. The project is intended to draw the attention of drivers and pedestrians to defects in the road.

Miniature garden 1

Miniature garden 2

More info: The Pot Hole Gardener

Share you thoughts below and check out more Examples Of Creative Street Art That You Must See.

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