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25 Creative Ideas To Recycle Your Light Bulbs

When your light bulb stops working, you probably throw it out and replace it with the new one. Have you ever thought about turning it to little piece of art? With just a little bit of work, you can give it a new life and turn it into awesome vase, ornament or flowerpot. Check out these creative ideas to recycle your old and broken light bulbs.

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1. Air Plant Terrarium

2. Hanging Flowerpots

3. Oil Lamp

4. Hot Air Balloons

5. Little Ecosystem

6. Terrariums

7. Red Spiders

8. Snowman Ornaments

9. Spice Containers

10. Steampunk Light Bulb Jewelry

11. Mini Vase

12. Easy Gift Idea

13. Mini Snow Globe


14. Penguin Ornaments

15. Bumblebees

16. Christmas Wreath

17. Light bulb Vase

18. Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine's Day Gift

19. Salt & Pepper Shakers

20. Light Bulb Night Lamp

21. Floating Ship

22. Fish Tank

23. Snowman

24. Chive Vase

25. Ship in the light bulb

Did you like it? Share these awesome ideas to your friends and check out more creative ideas to recycle old things.

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