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Portraits Of Good And Evil Characters Merged Into One Picture

Today we want to share great work of really talented artist. Amanda Lee (also known as Dada) loves drawing and she is huge Disney fan. Using color pencils she is creating unique portaits. Amanda took good and evil characters from various cartoons and merged them side-by-side into one portait. Check out some of her work below and be sure to visit her social media profiles for more.

More info: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

1. Anna vs Elsa

2. Ariel vs Ursula

3. Aladdin vs Jafar

4. Hercules vs Hades

5. Tiana vs the Shadow Man

6. Alice vs the Red Queen

7. Batman vs Joker

8. Spider-man vs Venom

9. Beauty vs the Beast

10. Haku vs Spirit of the Kohaku River

11. Simba vs Scar

12. Snow White vs the Evil Queen

13. Aurora vs Maleficent

14. Merida vs mama bear

Good And Evil Characters

Share your thoughts these portraits of good and evil characters and check out The Most Famous Cartoon Characters That Got Old.

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