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EarthPorn – Nature In The Lenses of Professionals – Part 1

Sometimes we don’t realize how beautiful our planet is. Photos gathered below reveal all Earth’s charms. Check out our EarthPorn photo collection.

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1. Volcán de Fuego, Guatemala.

Photo by Andrew Shepard. #Source

“At around 1:30 a.m., we awoke to the sound of a breath-stealing explosion, I scrambled to the camera just in time to capture a moonlit and lava-covered Fuego as it put on this beautiful display of activity and power.”

2. Yosemite Valley, California – mist illuminated by car head lights at nightfall.

Photo by Phil Hawkins. #Source

3. The Towers of Greenland – mountain peaks rising above their fjord with immense walls of solid granite.

Photo by Max Rive. #Source

4. A composite of 40 meteors over Lassen Peak in Northern California.

Photo by corypoole. #Source

5. This is the Y-shaped Como lake during a hazy sunrise over the Alps.

Photo by then0mads0ul. #Source

6. Glorious night sky over Aitutaki (Cook Islands).

Photo by Realnoob89. #Source

7. Nordaustlandet, Svalbard, Norway.

Photo by Paul Nicklen. #Source

8. Pale light hangs in a pine forest during a rainy autumn morning near Fuerstenwalde, Germany.

Photo by Patrick Pleul. #Source

9. Sun illuminating Mount Everest.

Photo by Dylan Toh. #Source

“5:30 pm on a cold sunset, the tip of Everest was the last mountain to be illuminated by the setting sun. Taken from Gorak Shep”

10. Out in the desert in western Namibia.

Photo by Jean-Paul Mission. #Source

11. A stray dog walked into our photo this morning in Monument Valley, Arizona.

Photo by nacha91. #Source

12. The Shadow of K2, projected into China across hundreds of miles.

Photo by Chris B. Warner. #Source

13. Reynisfjara – Black Sand Beach in Iceland.

Photo by s1000. #Source

14. Thórsmörk, Iceland.

Photo by Max Rive. #Source

15. Early Morning at Lake Yamanaka and Mount Fuji, Japan.

Photo by Shinichiro Saka. #Source

16. A mid-February night in Lofoten Islands, Norway.

Photo by elmofoto. #Source

17. Moraine Lake, Alberta, Canada from the summit of mount Temple.

Photo by rossboss96. #Source

18. Boating through the mangroves somewhere in the Caribbean.

Photo by medboy95. #Source

19. Frozen Lake Baikal, Russia.

Photo by Alexey Trofimov. #Source

20. Multiple wildfires, and Seattle’s light pollution and the Milky Way seen from an epic vantage point above Snoqualmie Pass, Washington.

Photo by OurEarthInFocus. #Source

Share your thoughts about these photos and check out Night Photos Showing The Milky Way.

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