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Color Photos of Everyday Life in Senegal in the Early 1980s

In 1981 and 1982, an archaeologist and an anthropology professor John Atherton visited Senegal and captured the everyday life in Senegalese villages. Check out some of his wonderful photos of everyday life in Senegal  below and be sure to visit his Flick page for more.

More info: Flickr

1. Market in Kédougou, Senegal

2. Bedik Village, Southeast Senegal

3. Senegalese girl

4. Bedik woman at Iwol, Senegal

5. Food preparation

6. Diallo compound, Ibel, southeast Senegal

7. Grandmother and grandchildren, Diallo compound, Ibel, Southeast Senegal

8. Grandmothers and grandchildren, Diallo Compound, Ibel, southeast Senegal

9. Neneh Houca, matriarch of the Diallo compound, Ibel, southeast Senegal

10. Signal drum, Ndebu, Southeast Senegal

11. Lots of smiles from very nice people, Diallo compound, Ibel, Senegal

12. Fadiouth, Senegal

13. Getting water in Kedougou, Senegal

14. Small shop in Dakar, Senegal

15. Very young bartender, Fadiouth, Senegal

16. Mandingo children in Kedougou, southeast Senegal

17. Famous Bedik diviner just outside Iwol, southeast Senegal

He predicted outcomes by examining the color of the organs of sacrificed chickens.

18. Future wife watches daily life in her new home-to-be, Ibel, southeast Senegal

19. Pounding rice late into the evening, Ibel, southeast Sengal

20. Daily life in Ibel, southeast Senegal

21. Boys posing for a picture, Ibel, southeast Senegal

22. Fishing boats near Dakar

23. Medical research at Ndebu, Southeast Senegal

24. Talking in the shade, Ibel, southeast Senegal

25. Cape Verde girl in Dakar, Senegal

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