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Everyday Things That Look Totally Different Under A Microscope – Part 1

Our world is a magical place, but some things are not visible without special tools. Anyone who has ever taken a part in a high school science class can agree that a microscope is a very powerful and fascinating tool. Even boring hair looks awesome under a microscope. But what do everyday things look like under an electron microscope? Just take a look.

1. Printed Paper

01 - Printed Paper

2. Ground Black Pepper

02 - Ground Black Pepper

3. Wood

03 - Wood

4. Razor Blade

04 - Razor Blade

5. Salt

05 - Salt

6. Mustache Whiskers

06 - Mustache Whiskers

7. White Sugar

07 - White Sugar

8. Pepper

08 - Pepper

9. Cut Hair

09 - Cut Hair

10. Surface og an old penny

10 - Surface on an old penny

11. Ball Point Pen

11 - Ball Point Pen

12. A Fruit Fly

12 - A Fruit Fly

13. Nylon Stockings

13 - Nylon Stockings

14. Coffee Grounds

14 - Coffee Grounds

15. A Staple through paper

15 - A Staple through paper

16. Flower Pollen

16 - Flower Pollen

17. Textile

17 - Textile

18. Woven Fabric

18 - Woven Fabric Under A Microscope

Source: reddit

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