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Extraordinary Treasures From Museums Around The World – Part 1

Today we take you to the past. We have gathered some of the extraordinary, but not well known treasures from museum around the world. Check them out below.

1. 2,600-Year-Old Knee Screw.

2. Portrait of Roman Emperor Caracalla.Date: ca. 212 AD.

Inscription in Greek letters O ΠETPOC and cross added at the Byzantine period in order to transform the portrait in that of St. Peter. Amethyst intaglio. From the treasury of the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris.

Source: Wikipedia

3. Leather fireman’s helmet. Date: late 17th century.

From the Museum of London

Source: memoryprints

4. Phoenician Clay Mask from Tharros, Sardinia. Date: 6th Century BC.

From a tomb context, the mask was designed to frighten away evil spirits. The dark red clay suggests that it was imported from Carthage. Found in one of 70 Carthaginian style burials at Tharros where the body was provided with amulets, and laid on its back with feet to the door, which faced east. Written spells and gifts such as terracotta figures invoked the protection of the gods.

Source: The British Museum

5. Wheellock musket that belonged to Gustav II Adolf of Sweden, made in Amsterdam in 1596.

Source: Reddit

6. Carbonised wooden cradle. From the House of M.P.P.Granianus, Herculaneum. Date: 1st century AD.

Source: The British Museum

7. Union Major General Daniel Sickles’ right leg, and the type of cannon ball that severed it during the Civil War.

From National Museum of Health and Medicine

Source: Time

8. The copper alloy Roman hand of Sabazios.

It was used in ritual worship. Sabazius was an eastern god of fertility and vegetation, who in Roman times was worshiped in association with other deities, particularly Dionysus (or Bacchus, as he was generally known to the Romans). His cult inspired a series of votive images of hands, the fingers of which form the gesture of benediction still familiar in Christian practice. Missing from this example is the small figure of Sabazius himself, who was typically seated in the palm of the hand above the ram’s head. Around him are his major cult symbols, including a snake, a lizard, and the heads of a lion, a ram, and a bull. On the tip of the thumb is the pinecone of Dionysus. The opening in the wrist, shaped like a temple, had a hinged door that revealed an unknown, lost object, perhaps a reclining mother and child, as seen in other examples.

From Walters Art Museum, Baltimore.

Source: Wikipedia

9. Roman golden helmet found near Sirmium, (present-day Serbia).

Source: Rediit

10. Helmet of ancient Greek general (Strategos) Miltiades.

The helmet was given as an offering to the temple of Zeus at Olympia after the Battle of Marathon. Date: 490 BC.

Source: Reddit

11. Acre, Israel. Templar tunnel between the Templars fortress in the west to the city’s port in the east. Crusades era, 12th century.

Source: Wikipedia

Share your thoughts about these extraordinary treasures and check out the Souvenirs from World War II.

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