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They Thought They Met Celebrities But Were Wrong – Part 1

It’s hard to think what caused these mistakes. Regardless of whether it was the amount of alcohol consumed or the shock of the meeting a “celebrity”, you have to admit that the similarity in some cases is striking. Check out these fake celebrities and people who thought they met the real famous person.

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1. “George Clooney”

2. “Peter Dinklage”

3. “Johnny Depp”

4. “Reese Witherspoon”

5. “Chris Pratt”

6. “Bill Murray”

fake celebrities (6)

7. “Mike Tyson”

8. “Jake Gyllenhaal”

fake celebrities (8)

9. “Seth Rogen”

10. “Matthew McConaughey”

11. “Bono”

12. “Joseph Gordon-Levitt”

fake celebrities (12)

13. “Robert De Niro”

14. “Dwight Howard”

15. “Hugh Laurie”

16. “Ed Sheeran”

17. “George R.R. Martin”


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