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Famous Actors And Their First On-Screen Appearance – Part 2

Famous people had a long way before they became recognizable. Check out our second article showing famous actors and theirs first on-screen appearance.

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Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood’s acting debut was an uncredited bit part as a laboratory assistant in the 1955 film Revenge of the Creature. Over the next three years, he had uncredited bit parts in several other films.

James Franco

James Franco decided to pursue his dreams as an actor after dropping out of UCLA. He combined acting classes with a late-night job at McDonald’s and began auditioning in LA. His first paid appearance was in a television commercial for Pizza Hut.

Nicolas Cage

Francis Ford Coppola’s nephew, Nicolas Cage, debuted at the age of 17, on 1981 ABC’s comedy film Best of times.

Michelle Pfieffer

When Michelle was 19 years old, she won the Miss Orange County beauty pageant. Following her participation she acquired an acting agent and began to audition for television and films.

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman first on-screen debut was in the PBS kids show The Electric Company (1971-1977).

Sammy Davis Jr.

At age 7, Davis played the title role in the 1933 film Rufus Jones for President, in which he sang and danced with Ethel Waters.

Tom Hanks

In 1979, Tom Hanks (aged 23) moved to New York City where he made his film debut with a bit-role in the 1980 low-budget slasher film He Knows You’re Alone.

Jeremy Renner

Renner debuted in 1995 when he played an underachieving student in the teen comedy film National Lampoon’s Senior Trip.

Jim Parsons

Parson is best known for playing Sheldon Cooper in the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. He dubuted on-screen in 2002, when he played a small role alongside John Slattery and Julie Bowen in the TV series Ed.

Andy Samberg

Samberg debuted in 2004 when he appeared in the Japanese Honda commercial. He’s the one with blue sweatshirt in the back seat.

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