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Photos Of Famous People That Prove Time Travel Is Possible

There’s a lot you could do if you were immortal and/or could time travel. Some celebrities seem to have that power. We’ve gathered 12 photos of famous people that prove immortality or time travel is possible. Check them out below.

1. Comedian Jimmy Fallon looks like a Turkish politician and revolutionary Mahir Cayan.

celebrity time travel (1)

Source: humorsharing

2. Sylvester Stallone is none other than Pope Gregory IX, who was born in 1145 and is known for instituting the Papal Inquisition. The portrait of Pope is from 1511.

celebrity time travel (2)

Source: playbuzz

3. Nicolas Cage’s double lived during the Civil War. The identity of this gentleman with a bow-tie is unknown.

celebrity time travel (3)

Source: Newageman

4. Some say that Keanu Reeves and French actor Paul Mounet, who lived from 1847-1922, is in fact the same person. The resemblance is indeed striking.

celebrity time travel (4)

Source: Newageman

5. Leonardo DiCaprio looks like Judy Zipper, a woman whose image was found in one of the school albums from the 1960s.

celebrity time travel (5)

Source: Distractify

6. Ellen Degeneres looks just like Henry David Thoreau, American philosopher.

celebrity time travel (6)

Source: playbuzz

7. Jennifer Lawrence looks just like an Egyptian actress Zubaida Tharwat.

celebrity time travel (7)

Source: 9GAG

8. Peter Dinklage reminds Sebastián de Morra, who was the jester of Spanish King Philip IV. Jester’s portrait was created by Diego Velazquez in 1645.

celebrity time travel (8)

Source: playbuzz

9. Maggie Gyllenhaal is a 21st century version of Rose Wilder Lane – American journalist and novelist.

celebrity time travel (9)

Source: bugaga

10. Justin Timberlake looks like this anonymous criminal.

celebrity time travel (10)

Source: Distractify

11. Orlando Bloom looks like Nicolae Grigorescu, the 19th century Romanian painter.

celebrity time travel (11)

Source: newscrazy

12. German footballer Mesut Özil looks like Enzo Ferrari, founder of Ferrari supercars. Özil was born in 1999, the same year Enzo Ferrari died.


Source: wykop

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