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10 Comments on "Forbidden Photographs of the Warsaw Ghetto"

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You cannot blame all Germans for atrocities against Jewish people. It was a select insane few who organized these atrocities who through their own fears and Want of Power decided to try and take over the World. A small group of Madmen! A lot of German People hid Jewish people at the risk of their own Lives. Read your History Books! genocide happened in a lot of countries around the world including Australia (Aboriginals) America (Native American Indians), Slavery from Africa, There are a countries who still practice torture and incarcerate people for free speech etc. Move forward and stop… Read more »

of course it it was Martians… oh and I forgot it was actually polish people fault…. NOT ! Cut the bullshit if it was only few bad Germans nothing would happen. In Poland we joke that all the Germans during the war worked as a field kitchen stuff or in wermacht’s marching band orchestras. Its always the few nazi bad Germans.


Thanks Zu ! Thats right Germans did it!!

Zuza Winiczyska

Name the things the way they are. Ghetto was created by Germans. What are you afreaid of, why do you use the word nazi, most young people think nazis come from Mars or something……

Geralt Nowak

I’m not afraid of anything. For me and many of my friends it’s abvious
that Nazi = Germany, so you comment shocked me a bit. I’ve changed Nazis to Germans to avoid further confusions even though this article is tagged with “German camps” and I used “German” a few times at the beggining. It’s sad to read what kids these days know about World War II.


It wasnt all germans.
It was a select group of germans that were involved in this horiffic crime. And hitlar was not a german he was austrian. It isnt fair to generalize all germans in this artical.
Yes my family are german and come from the old country but were in no shape or form part of this.


All Germans will always be a part of this, it is a curse on your people till the end of time. It’s part of being a German, part of your culture now. Nazi officer Wilm Hosenfeld said it best: “With horrible mass murder of the Jews we have lost this war. We have brought an eternal curse on ourselves”


It was a select group of germans that were involved in this horiffic crime.

Small group- 90℅…


Villeroy and Boch, Tableware for Wermacht. Made in Austria.


Mercedes BMW Auschwitz Birkenau. Made in Germany.


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Geralt Nowak

There will be something about me. I’m too lazy now.

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