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25 The Best Examples Of Cat Logic

Cats are quite possibly the strangest mammals on the planet. As any cat owner will tell you, you’re never a cat’s owner. You’re just his caretaker. They have their own special way of looking at the world that humans don’t always get it. That sometimes leads to some hilarious moments. Check out these 25 examples of cat logic that make nearly no sense.

1. They want attention at the most inconvenient moment.

funny cats (1)

2. There is no time for more comfortable position. I must eat now.

funny cats (2)

3. Is there something wrong, man?

funny cats (3)

4. There is a purpose for that hole.

funny cats (4)

5. Cat Treadmills.

funny cats (5)

6. Nothing say “good morning’ like cat in your underwear.

funny cats (6)

7. Cats can be very mean.

funny cats (7)

8. They have a different idea of empty bowl.

funny cats (8)

9. The most comfortable place to sleep.

funny cats (9)

10. This is mine. It even has my name on it.

funny cats (10)

11. Buy him an expensive toy and realize that he likes a box instead.

funny cats (11)

12. If it fits, I sits.

funny cats (12)

13. Food from dog’s bowl always tastes better.

funny cats (13)

14. How peaople with a cat eat.

funny cats (14)

15. It’s 2am and everyone’s asleep, time to jump from furniture for no reason.

funny cats (15)

16. Why so serious?

funny cats (16)

17. Your cat’s idea of a good morning present.

funny cats (17)

18. They only want to play on their own time.

funny cats (18)

19. Biology home work alwys can wait.

funny cats (19)

20. I guess it makes sense to sit here.

funny cats (20)

21. “There’s no way this could go wrong…”

funny cats (21)

22. “What do you mean by saying that I’m suppose to sleep inside?”

funny cats (22)

23. Call dibs.

funny cats (23)

24. Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

funny cats (24)

25. Boxes are so awesome.

funny cats (25)


What does your cat do that makes absolutely no sense at all? Share in the comments section below. Also share this with with your friends and check out 23 Patient And Loving Dads.

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