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Weird But Funny Polish “Fast And Furious 7” Parody

Fast and Furious 7 has taken the world by storm! The latest instalment of the franchise is currently ruling the box office, but a parody clip is making just as much of a splash online. Polish Youtuber, Cyber Marian, made the fake trailer entitled Brzydcy i Wściekli (Ugly and Furious). He included audio from the original trailer, but things look rather different. It shows a story of a stolen tractor. Vin Diesel has been swaped with a bunch of geeky guys and the supercars have been replaced with dated European cars. Cyber Marian also added Polish subtitles, but they have a bit different meaning compared to what we can hear. The clip’s already been a big hit online. Over 2.5 million people watched it in just a few day.

Check it out below.

Watch BRZYDCY i WŚCIEKLI – Fast and Furious 7 parody

Check out the original trailer

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