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Having A Bad Day? These People Have It Worse! – Part 4

  • arm wrestling fail
  • break the sound barrier fail
  • Captain America fail
  • chair fail
  • cinnamon challenge fail
  • drum set fail
  • juggler friend fail
  • man jumping over a chain
  • omegle troll
  • plastic fail
  • superpowers fail
  • the dandelion prank
  • toilet paper gun
  • treadmill fail
  • wheelbarrow fail
  • woman falls into trapdoor
  • working out fail
  • yo-yo fail

Think you’re having a bad day? This might change your mind. Check out these 18 examples that prove people have worst day than you.

1. Arm wrestling fail

arm wrestling fail

2. Treadmill fail

treadmill fail

3. Superpowers fail

superpowers fail

4. Yo-yo fail

yo-yo fail

5. Wheelbarrow fail

wheelbarrow fail

6. Woman falls into trapdoor

woman falls into trapdoor

7. Juggler fail

juggler friend fail

8. Cinnamon challenge

cinnamon challenge fail

9. Toilet paper gun

toilet paper gun

10. Working out fail

working out fail

11. Omegle troll

omegle troll

12. Plastic fail

plastic fail

13. The dandelion prank

the dandelion prank

14. Chair fail

chair fail

15. Drum set fail

drum set fail

16. Man jumping over a chain

man jumping over a chain

17. Break the sound barrier fail

break the sound barrier fail

18. Captain America fail

Captain America fail Having A Bad Day

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