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10 Historical Tragedies Caught On Film – Part 2 [18+]

We present another collection of historical tragedies captured by British Pathe.

1. B24 Bomber Shot Down.

Cameras capture the incredible moment when a B24 Bomber plane is hit and crashing in flames. This plane was nicknamed “Brief”. Serial Number 44-42058. It had taken off from Angaur Airfield, flying on a bombing mission against anti-aircraft installations on Koror, Palau Islands. Whilst over Koror, the B-24 was hit by anti-aircraft fire . The fuselage fell in a flat spiral until it crashed. 10 crew members were on bored. 9 were killed in the crash except the Navigator, 2nd Lt Wallace F. Kaufman. He was captured by the Japanese and executed.

2. Tragic Speedway Car Crash In Australia (1938).

Empire Speedway, Penrith, New South Wales, Australia. Car number one, driven by Wally James, starts to go out of control and crashes into a fence that people are standing behind. We see the crash in L/S as bodies are thrown about like rag dolls with the force of the impact – very horrible. People rush about in panic and try to assist the injured ones. Brief shots of the front of the damaged front of the car.

3. Fatal Crash At Indianapolis Car Race (1958).

Two cars collide on the north-east turn, another goes over the wall. One car overturns and burst into flames, onrushing cars crash into 15 car pile up. The track is littered with smouldering and battered cars. Race is slowed down whilst attendants clear away the debris. Car passing camera at 150 miles per hour.

4. Marquis of Pinedo Plane Crash (1933).

New York. Tragedy … most profound! The Marquis of Pinedo – famous Italian Ace – perishes in his blazing plane at take-off on attempt to wrest long-distance record from France, for the glory of Italy.

5. Paratrooper Parachute Failed (1955).

Alberta, Canada. Private Donald Mason’s parachute streams in the air – it does not open. He plummets down. Camera follows death drop.

6. Paul Mantz, Movies Stunt Actor Killed – Arizona (1965).

A special plane built and flown by Mantz makes a low run as a prelude to a dummy crash. The crash, which was suppose to be stunt crash, ends in tragedy. Something goes wrong, plane breaks up and Paul Mantz is dead.

7. Bomb Accidentally Explodes on Aircraft Carrier, killing the Cameraman.

A camerman on board an aircraft carrier is filming the incoming planes land, some damged, others not. He was unlucky enough to be filming at the time a bomb had been released by a plane that had just landed. The bomb had in fact been released in the air but had failed to detach from the plane. The impact of the landing dislodged the armed bomb, setting it free to bounce down the runway.

8. John Cobb Dies in Gallant Attempt on World Water Speed Record (1952).

John Cobb was a British racing motorist who broke the land speed record in 1939. In 1947 he raised his own land speed record to 394.19 mph (634.39 km/h). In 1952, he was attempting to break the world water speed record at Loch Ness, Scotland at speeds in excess of 200 mph (320 km/h). The boat hit an unexplained wake and Cobb was killed. Loch Ness Monster believers claimed the wake was caused by a large animal.

9. SS Morro Castle Fire (1934).

Various air shots of a huge liner laying 8 miles off American coast surrounded by several small boats. Liner is still smoking – there was a tragic fire and no one yet knows how many of 576 people onboard are still there. Some people are seen in water.

10. Assassination Of King Alexander (1934).

Marseilles, France. Close up shot of the King Alexander and Mr Barthou in open car, chatting and smiling. Procession of cars driving through the crowded street. Various shots of the chaos on the street immediately after the assassination. Close up shot of dead King lying on the car seat.

Share your thoughts below and check out Part 1 of 10 Historical Tragedies Caught On Film [18+].

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