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What if Game of Thrones was made in India?

Game of Thrones is probably the most popular television show in the world. A few days ago, to the surprise of the Indian fans of the George R. R. Martin’s books, it was reported that the show will have an Indian version with Bollywood cast. Those rumors turned out to be not true, but Vishal Dutt, a graphic designer based in New Delhi, decided to put his imagination to good use. He has re-created some of the characters of the HBO series in desi avatars titled “Kkhel Thrones Ka”. Check out his photoshopped Indian Game of Thrones makeover below.

More info: Facebook | Behance

Arya Stark

Indian Game Of Thrones - Arya Stark

Khal Drogo


Tyrion Lannister


Eddard Stark & Catelyn Stark


Oberyn Martell




Daenerys Targaryen

Indian Game Of Throens - Daenerys Targaryen

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