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Things You Might Not Know About Pizza

Some say that the pizza is like sex – when it’s good, it’s really good. But when it’s bad – it is still pretty good. Like sex, there are also a lot of facts about pizza that you might not know about. Check out these 20 interesting facts about pizza below.

1. In America, 350 slices of pizza are sold every second.

facts about pizza (18)

2. Typical large pizza in Australia (28 cm or 11”) is less than the medium pizza in the USA (30cm or 12”).

facts about pizza (9)

3. NASA is developing 3D printing technology that will allow astronauts to print pizza.

facts about pizza (3)

4. Dominos no longer guarantee delivery within ’30 minutes or less’, because their drivers caused accidents while rushing to deliver pizzas on time. At least one person died.

facts about pizza (2)

5. In 2005, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi insulted Finnish cuisine. Later, in 2008, a pizza from Finland won the international pizza contest. The Italian took second place. The Finnish pizza was named “Pizza Berlusconi” to mock him.

facts about pizza (12)

6. A man sentenced to death resigned from his last meal and asked to provide pizza for homeless from Nashville, Tennessee. His request was denied. In response, people donated many pizzas to homeless shelters in Nashville.

facts about pizza (4)

7. Pizza Hut delivered a pizza to the International Space Station in 2001. The delivery cost $1 million. It was delivered by Russians.

facts about pizza (11)

8. The hacker group, UGNazi attacked the Papa John’s website in 2012, because their pizza was 2 hours late.

facts about pizza (1)

9. January 18-24 is National Pizza Week in the US.

facts about pizza (1)

10. Lady Gaga ordered $1,000 worth pizzas for people who were waiting in a long line for her concert.

facts about pizza (13)

11. There is a pizza place in Alaska that delivers pizzas by plane.

facts about pizza (16)

12. There are DVDs that smell like pizza when you are done watching them.

facts about pizza (5)

13. Pizza Hut introduced orders via the Internet in 1994.

facts about pizza (15)

14. Pizza Hut had plans to engrave their logo into the Moon using lasers. Finally, the idea was abandoned because the logo needed to be the size of Texas.

facts about pizza (8)

15. The first Bitcoin transaction ever made was 10,000 BTC for pizza. The same amount is worth over a million dollars today.

facts about pizza (2)

16. In Scotland, some pizzas are deep fried.

facts about pizza (14)

17. One of the first documented Internet transactions was a pepperoni pizza with mushrooms and extra cheese from Pizza Hut.

facts about pizza (6)

18. One man from California was sentenced to 25 years in prison after he stole a pizza to a group of kids. The man had a criminal record before.

facts about pizza (17)

19. In Cambodia, there are many sites offering “Happy Pizza”, which is a pizza loaded with high quality marijuana.

facts about pizza (7)

20. One of the earliest frozen pizza companies was actually run by a family named Pizza.

facts about pizza (10)

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