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Lynching in the United States [18+]

21. Postcard of lynching.

Reverse reads: “This is the barbecue we had last night. My picture is to the left with a cross over it. Your son, Joe”

Lynching in the United States (27)

22. Two African American men confined in a Delaware pillory above a whipping post.

Spectators to the punishment loiter in the background. 1889.

Lynching in the United States (21)

23. Victim of the Ku Klux Klan, 1920s.

Lynching in the United States (22)

24.Unknown photo.

Lynching in the United States (23)

25. Unknown photo.

Lynching in the United States (24)

26. Unknown photo.

Lynching in the United States (25)

27. Black children lynched only for being black, 1920s.

Lynching in the United States (26)

28. Lynching of Charlie Hale on the courthouse square at the corner of Perry and Pike Streets, Lawrenceville, Georgia, 1911.

Note the sign hanging from his toes:“Please do not wake him”. At far left is Jack Mathis,and the boy is Herbert Strayhorn.

Lynching in the United States (28)

29. Lynching of Claude Neal, Marianna, Florida, 1934.

The young black man was lynched after confessing to the murder of Lola Cannidy.

Lynching in the United States (29)

30. Lynching of Frank Embree, July 22, 1899.

He was falsly accused of a crime, handcuffed and stripped nude and whipped before a white mob. He was then lynched and castrated and then front, back and before and after images of his murder were sold as postcards.

Lynching in the United States (30)

31. Unknown photo.

Lynching in the United States (31)

32. Black man being forced to kiss the foot of some white man.

Lynching in the United States (32)

33. The lynching of 16 year old Lige Daniels, Center, Texas, 1920.

Lynching in the United States (33)

34. The lynching of Dick Robinson and a man named Thompson. October 6, 1906, Pritchard Station, Alabama.

Lynching in the United States (34)

35. The lynching of Joseph Richardson, September 26, 1913.

On September 26th, 1913, a man named Joseph Richardson was lynched by a mob in the town square in Leitchfield, Kentucky. He had been accused of assualting an eleven year old white girl. According to a newspaper report, “the little girl was on her way to school when she was attacked by the negro who was frightened away by approach of the neighbors.” This photo was printed on postcards and sold door-to-door. Subsequent investigation determined that Richardson was the local drunk; he had “merely stumbled into the child, and not even torn her dress.”

Lynching in the United States (35)

36. Lynched African American man hanging from tree in the United States, 1928.

Lynching in the United States (36)

37. Black man hanging from a tree, Floyd County area.

No data on whether he was hung legally or lynched. Other blacks seen in the background. Several houses and an outhouse seen in the background, too.

Lynching in the United States (37)

38. Unknown photo.

Lynching in the United States (38)

39. Laura Nelson was lynched on May 23, 1911 in Oklahoma.

Lynching in the United States (39)

40. The 1981 lynching of Michael Donald by a Ku Klux Klan group.

Lynching in the United States (40)

41. African-American lynched by white mob during the “Red Summer”, Omaha, Nebraska, September 28, 1919.

Lynching in the United States (41)

42. A postcard of a Duluth lynchings, Minnesota, June 15, 1920

Lynching in the United States (42)

43. Unknown photo.

Lynching in the United States (43)

44. Souvenir Postcard of Lee Hall, lynched in a trash dump in Wrightsville, Georgia.

His ears were cut off, and his body riddled with bullets.

Lynching in the United States (44)

45. John Carter (Pulaski County, May 1927).

Lynching in the United States (45)

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John Stanowski

I’m a jewish man and I can say that all the so called white people in those pictures a jewish people. Read a book called the secret relationship between blacks and Jews. We were the ones who brought them into slavery guys like Moses Levy and Aaron Lopez. We dominated the slave trade. The blacks, hispanics, and native americans are the true children of Israel they make up the 12 tribes of Israel. They’re suffering the curses of Deuteronomy 28:15-68. Us Jewish people are just converts we are really Khazars.

Hilda M Saulsbury

After chattel slavery is not existing and there is Reconstruction crowds of people decide to lynch people for being black, or having too much material goods. God has his or her picks?


If your family is in one of these photos posing with these atrocities u should be ashamed. The acts are beyond despicable but posing with the horrible atrocities like a trophy!! Makes me ill beyond reason


This all sickens my mind, it is appauling to think that those who were doing the lynching thought they had every right to do so, that in some sick sort of way they were supieror due to the paleness of their skin. Those who did these crimes I hope all found that after the moment of their deaths they were condemned to hell, and I hope that all of their families feel pain and sadness all the days of their lives. Absolutely sickening.


Wishing this on unknowing family members of the sick fucks that commited this crime makes you no better than them. Shame on YOU!


Lynched for being coloured and wearing their American Military uniform when they came home, they were abroad defending their country and the people who lynched them.
America at times can be a very sick country


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