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Lynching in the United States [18+]

Lynching is a practice of murdering people by extrajudicial mob action. It occurred in the United States mostly from the late 18th century until the 1960s. Some sources estimate that between 1882 and 1968, 4742 African Americans were killed because of the lynchings. Check out these photos showing lynching in America.

Warning! The related content may be disturbing to some individuals. Viewer discretion is advised.

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1. Black man being tortured, Mississippi, 1937.

Lynching in the United States (1)

2. The lynching of Sam Hose, a.k.a. Sam Holt, Georgia, 1899.

Hose was lynched for the murder of Alfred Cranford. It was never proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Holt was the murderer but he was lynched anyway.

Lynching in the United States (2)

3. Spectators photographed with the charred corpse of Jesse Washington after his lynching in Waco, Texas, May 15, 1916.

Washington, a 17 year old mentally retarded African American farmhand, was lynched after his conviction for the murder of a local woman.

Lynching in the United States (3)

4. Unknown photo

Lynching in the United States (4)

5. Frank Embree shortly before his lynching, Fayette, Missouri, 1899.

He was accused of raping a 14-year-old white girl and only confessed after being whipped over 100 times.

Lynching in the United States (5)

6. A prisoner is tied around a pickaxe for punishment in a Georgia labor camp in the early 1930s.

Lynching in the United States (6)

7. Race Riots in Detroit, Michigan (1943).

Two white young men help a badly beaten black man during the Detroit race riots. June 21, 1943.

Lynching in the United States (7)
8. Unknown Victim, 1925.

Lynching in the United States (8)

9. The Lynching of Claude Neal, Greenwood, Florida, 1934.

Lynching in the United States (9)

10. Rosewood massacre, Levy County, Florida, 1923.

Lynching in the United States (10)

11. The lynching of Lawrence W. Nelson, May 25, 1911 in Okemah, Oklahoma.

Lynching in the United States (11)

12. Unknown photo

Lynching in the United States (12)

13. Unknown photo.

Lynching in the United States (13)

14. Birmingham Dog Attacks.

Lynching in the United States (14)

15. African American soldiers were lynched for wearing their uniforms when they returned to the U.S.

Lynching in the United States (15)

16. Unidentified Man and Two Women Lynched.

Lynching in the United States (16)

17. Two Blacks lynched for an alleged murder in Winona, Mississippi, April 1937.

Lynching in the United States (17)

18. Photo unknown.

Lynching in the United States (18)

19. January 12, 1916.

Lynching in the United States (19)

20. The lynching of 15 year old Jesse Washington, Robinson, Texas, 1916.

On May 8, 1916, Lucy Fryer, a white woman, was murdered in Robinson, seven miles from Waco. Washington, a laborer on her farm, confessed to the murder. He was beaten with shovels and bricks,was castrated, and his ears were cut off.

Lynching in the United States (20)

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This all sickens my mind, it is appauling to think that those who were doing the lynching thought they had every right to do so, that in some sick sort of way they were supieror due to the paleness of their skin. Those who did these crimes I hope all found that after the moment of their deaths they were condemned to hell, and I hope that all of their families feel pain and sadness all the days of their lives. Absolutely sickening.


Wishing this on unknowing family members of the sick fucks that commited this crime makes you no better than them. Shame on YOU!


Lynched for being coloured and wearing their American Military uniform when they came home, they were abroad defending their country and the people who lynched them.
America at times can be a very sick country


And we, Americans, have the nerve to condemn the Nazi’s for the Holocaust! May have been more people eliminated however, similar persecution of another race/human beings. And, it was going on while we liberated Europe!


King Leopold killed 100 million Africans in order to steal the resources/natural treasures there.

anna marie



This is why I’m so upset when black men date,havechildren or anything else with white woman, Because of this,

Jessi Kane Warling

FUCKING what? I’m a mixed child and it is NOT OUR FAULT for the murders of our ancestors, it’s YOUR FAULT u racist FUCK!!!


We must never forget how we were and are still treated by white america


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