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15 Sad Truths About Modern Life

Marco Melgrati is Italian illustrator currently living in Mexico. He is a freelancer working with magazines by mail, mostly for USA , Italia, and Mexico. In his free time, he decided to share his opinion about modern society in the form of awesome illustrations. Check out his sad truths about modern life below.

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1. Social Media Narcissism

Social Media Narcissism Truths About Modern Life

2. The Death Of Privacy

The Death Of Privacy

3. Do You Solve Problems By Using Logic Or Instinct?

Do You Solve Problems By Using Logic Or Instinct

4. Use It Better

Use It Better

5. It’s Time To Quit Your Job

Its Time To Quit Your Job

6. Be Who You Want To Be

Be Who You Want To Be

7. What Happens To America?

What Happens To America

8. Karma


9. Love Your Enemies

Love Your Enemies

10. Financial Power And Politics

Financial Power And Politics

11. Self Made

Self Made

12. Vanity


13. Through Love

Through Love

14. Learn To Forget

Learn To Forget

15. Opinion Leader And Influencers

Opinion Leader And Influencers

Share your thoughts about Marco Melgrati’s sad truths about modern life and See All Of Prince’s Legendary Hairstyles Illustrated By Gary Card.

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