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Night Tour In The Paris Catacombs

When you go on tour around a new city, you probably go to museums, parks and shops. But the city can be explored in many ways. You can take a trip in prohibited areas. Like the catacombs hidden beneath the streets of Paris.All you need to do is to find a tour guide, take inconspicuous clothes, decent boots and gloves, food supplies and an ID in case of arrest. Check out these photos of night tour in the Paris catacombs.

1. The Guide – Mr. X, quickly opened the manhole and several people wwent down the rabbit hole.

Mines of Paris (1)

2. Scrambling down the 20 metee ladder, stepping on each other’s fingers in a race to find the bottom as quickly as possible.

Mines of Paris (2)

3. The tour begins, the heart starts beating faster and faster.

Mines of Paris (3)

4. The beginning looks scary.

Mines of Paris (4)

5. Inscriptions by builders from two centuries ago. Mr. X starts to explain his ‘rules’ of the tour. These are not ‘rules’ as we know them in society above ground, but more like a code of honour to follow during our stay in the underworld – the code of the cataphyles.

Mines of Paris (5)

6. There is no easy access, there is no guarantee of security, and the whole thing is against the law.

Mines of Paris (6)

7. There are a few basic rules. Do not leavy any traces. When you cross fellow cataphyles, be friendly, but as a general rule, not to share how or where we entered or how we’ll be exiting. If you get lost, stay put and wait for rescue.

Mines of Paris (7)

8. Trip takes place in a fast-paced march, you have to be careful not to be left behind.

Mines of Paris (8)

9. Some tunnels are marked with the names of streets that run over them.

Mines of Paris (9)

10. At some point the tunnel ends. It seems that is a dead end, but there is a small window.

Mines of Paris (10)

11. This is not a trip for overweight people.

Mines of Paris (11)

12. This way leads to next tunnel.

Mines of Paris (12)

13. The tour guide needed just a few seconds.

Mines of Paris (1)

14. Follow me, please!

Mines of Paris (13)

15. Yeah, right.

Mines of Paris (14)

16. Someone left a few bricks on the other side to overcome this obstacle more easily.

Mines of Paris (2)

17. The group decided that it is the right time for a meal and settle in a grotto carved out by someone of this time or another.

Mines of Paris (15)

18. At the entrance of the grotto, this “art installation” reminds that nobody can be totally at ease in the catacombs.

Mines of Paris (16)

19. Dinner with wine and candles.

Mines of Paris (17)

20. Although you can still do “Bio” (organic) in the catacombs, mais naturellement!

Mines of Paris (18)

21. After a quick meal and a few stories further march continues.

Mines of Paris (19)

22. Mr. X took a trip to an old air-raid bunker, lying directly under a post office.

Mines of Paris (20)

23. This spacious room is often visited by graffiti artists.

Mines of Paris (21)

24. Torches allow you to emphasize the indoor climate.

Mines of Paris (22)

25. Stairs lead to the post office. They probably ends with closed and forgotten doors.

Mines of Paris (23)

26. Through the tunnels.

Mines of Paris (24)

27. Once cataphiles threw here an unforgettable dinner party.

Mines of Paris (25)

28. Today the bunker is empty and makes a big impression.

Mines of Paris (26)

29. Look at me.

Mines of Paris (27)

30. That’s awesome.

Mines of Paris (28)

31. Fight.

Mines of Paris (29)

32. Some say it’s the lucky number.

Mines of Paris (30)

33. When the group stopped to rest, it turned out that they are not alone…

Mines of Paris (31)

34. They are accompanied by little inhabitants of the catacombs.

Mines of Paris (32)

35. Although they move and look like spiders, at closer inspection they look more like crickets.

Mines of Paris (33)

36. It seemed like it was a short tour, but in fact it lasted more than 4 hours.

Mines of Paris (34)

37. Now it’s time to climb up this ladder to end the Paris Catacombs tour.

Mines of Paris (35)

38. On the surface you must come out, close the hatch and…

Mines of Paris (36)

39. Quickly disappear pretending that nothing happened.

Mines of Paris (37)

Source: MessyNessyChic

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yasmin n

who do i contact ?
if I’m interested in doing this next week
please answer quickly seen as I’m leaving on tue for 3 days thanks


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