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Perfect Animal Camouflage

For thousands of years evolution has given the animals unique skills such as camouflage. It is their way to protect themselves against any danger from predators or help them hunt. Some of them are so good at it, that it is nearly impossible to spot them looking carefully directly at them. Can you find animals on the photographs below?

Note: under each photo there is a hint.

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White pidgeon in front of you.


Giraffe on the right.


Wolf beside the tree on the left.


Spot the eyes on the left.


Owl on the right.


Parrot on the left.


Snake in the sand. Spot those eyes in the middle.


Leopard at the right bottom.


Falcon on the left.


Squirrel on the rocks.

Camouflage 2 (1)

Owl in front of you.

Camouflage 2 (1)

Cheetah took a nap.

Camouflage 2 (2)

Snow leopard near the middle of the photo.

Camouflage 2 (2)

Stone fish.

Camouflage 2 (3)

It’s tricky. Just look for the head shape of a Gecko.It’s called a Mossy Leaf-tailed Gecko.

Camouflage 2 (4)

Try to find the twig like legs. It’s called an arrow head crab.

Camouflage 2 (5)


Camouflage 2 (6)

There are 3 toads on this picture.

Camouflage 2 (7)

Lichen spider in the middle.

Camouflage 2 (8)

Caterpillar in the middle of the leaf (the blur).

Camouflage 2 (9)

A Leaf Frog on a leaf. Spot the red eye.

Camouflage 2 (10)

The bat faced toad on the bottom right side.

Camouflage 2 (12)

It’s not a stick, it’s a stick insect.

Camouflage 2 (13)

Find the eye and you find a fish.

Camouflage 2 (14)

Spider in the middle.

Camouflage 2 (15)

A gecko in front of you.

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