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Porsche P1 – The First Porsche Ever Built

Sometimes we kept things in the hope that one day they might be useful but then we forget about them. Sometimes old sheds can hide real treasures. Like the one in Austria where someone uncovered the world’s very first Porsche that sat there for over 100 years. The vehicle called the “Egger-Lohner electric vehicle, C.2 Phaeton model” (or nicknamed “P1” for short) is in remarkably good condition. It was created by Ferdinand Porsche himself in 1898. And as the full name states, the very first Porsche is… an electric car.

Porsche P1 (1)

Ferdinand Porsche designed Porsche P1 when he was 22 years old. The vehicle hitted the streets of Vienna on July 26, 1898. It was powered by a rear-mounted electric engine that produced 3 horsepower during usual performance with bursts of up to 5 horsepower as it reached its maximum speed.

Porsche P1 (2)

A year later, in September 1899, Porsche took part in the International Motor Vehicle Exhibition in Berlin. He demonstrated the power of his vehicle in 25-mile race against other electric cars where he took first place finishing 18 minutes faster than the next competitor, with half of the vehicles failing to complete the race due to technical difficulties.

Porsche P1 (3)

According to USA Today, the P1 was stored in an Austrian shed in 1902, where it sat untouched until now. The P1 has now been moved to Stuttgart, Germany, where it will be displayed in original, unrestored condition at the Porsche Museum.

Porsche P1 (4)

Porsche states that the vehicle could travel up to 50 miles with a max speed of about 22 miles per hour. The entire vehicle weighed around 3,000 pounds and relied on over 1,000 pounds of battery.

Porsche P1 (5)

The original wood and metal frame remains, which holds the steering wheel and a century-old dashboard that measures voltage and amperage.

Porsche P1 (6)

The electric engine was harnessed to a 12-speed controller.

Porsche P1 (7)

The P1 is now be on display at the Porsche Museum. Porsche decided to make a simple recreation of its original seating, housed inside a translucent blue plastic. The museum’s goal is to give visitors a better idea of what the car’s original seating would have looked like.

Porsche P1 (8)

Porsche P1 (9)

Porsche also has schematics for the P1’s design, which has allowed it to do a basic restoration of the vehicle.

Porsche P1 (10)

Share your thoughts below and check out the Evolution Of The Porsche 911.

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Randal Love

What an incredible find, I’m glad its been preserved to remind us that the technology should be embraced. We made a big mistake when we changed to internal combustion engines which are now ruining the environment.


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