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25 Rare Historical Photos You’ve Probably Never Seen Before – Part 10

Here is another batch of historical moments captured in the photo. Check out the tenth part of rare historical photos you’ve probably never seen before.

1. The assembly line of Porsche, Ca 1970.

The assembly line of Porsche 911’s at the Stuttgart factory in Germany. Also check: Porsche P1 – The First Porsche Ever Built

2. Manet’s “In the Conservatory”.

American soldiers discover Manet’s “In the Conservatory” that was hidden (amongst other Nazi loot) in the salt mines of Merker, Germany, 1945.

3. The Beatles meet Muhammad Ali.

4. Train Derailment at Gare Montparnasse, Paris, France, 1895.

5. Release of Windows 95.

6. President Richard Nixon trying to figure out how to use chopsticks while visiting in China, 1972.

7. Queen Elizabeth II firing a British L85 battle rifle, Surrey, England,1993.

8. People having a picnic in the middle of a highway during the 1973 oil crisis.

9. Construction of the Manhattan Bridge. 1908.

10. US Customs agent pointing a gun at a car that is suspected of transporting marijuana across the US-Mexico border, 1969.

11. Bonnie and Clyde in 1933.

12. The oldest photo displaying people drinking, Edinburgh, circa 1844.

13. Cow shoes used by Moonshiners in the Prohibition days to disguise their footprints, 1924.

14. An 8 year old prodigy, Samuel Reshevsky, defeating several chess masters at once in France, 1920.

15. Frozen Niagara Falls during the winter of 1911.

16. Bulletproof glass, demonstration by the best rifle man of the New York police, 1931.

17. Black mother with daughter standing in front of “colored entrance” to a department Store in Mobile, Alabama, 1956.

18. Ruby Bridges, the first African-American to attend a white elementary school in the deep South, 1960.

19. Slave Auction, 1859.

20. Bombing of Kobe, Japan, 1945.

21. A horse-drawn taxi sleigh in Vaasa, Finland, 1920s.

Note the 3-digit phone number 540 for taxi on the phone box.

22. Aerial Shot of Muhammed Ali after knocking out Cleveland Williams in 1966.

23. Jim Henson playing with the “Bert” puppet, 1971.

24. US B-25’s fly past an erupting Mount Vesuvius in Italy, 18-22 March 1944.

25. Jackie Kennedy watching her husband debate with Richard Nixon, 1960.

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“24. US B-52’s fly past an erupting Mount Vesuvius in Italy, 18-22 March 1944.”

They are B-25’s, not B-52’s


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