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Russian Language In American Movies

Russian language is very difficult for some people. It sounds very harsh and the Cyrillic alphabet looks like a bunch of meaningless symbols. We often can spot Russian letters in many Hollywood films. You may think that they mean something important, but in most cases you are wrong. Check it out.

1. Last scene in Fantastic Four. The text on the Latveria ship stands for “Head of toe”.

fantastic four

2. The Bourne Identity – Jason Bourne’s Russian passport stands for Aschf Lshtshfum.

The Bourne Identity

3. The Terminal – you are wrong if you think that the name of Tom Hanks’ character was Viktor Navorski. His driving licence stands for Gulina Gulnara.

The Terminal

4. Independence Day – cloud FZNAMZNON near Moscow. The city of Novosibirsk is suddenly transformed into Novosyoyorsk (Новосйойрск) and Sankt Petersburg became Petrograd (Петроград).

Independence Day

5. Red Planet – the Russian text in KOSMOS launch ship computer menu is just a random set of symbols.

Red Planet

6. Night club in The Jackal. The word московский is an adjective meaning from Moscow or belonging to Moscow.

The Jackal

7. Prison Break (TV Series) – the text on the Sona wall means “how nice in there”.

Prison Break

8. Max Payne – the title on boxes “УЕТЫРЕ ПАЛЬТА” is wrong. It could be “ЧЕТЫРЕ ПАЛЬТО” which means “Four Coats”.

Max Payne

9. The Simpsons – “Learn English or get out of here”

The Simpsons

10. South Park – „UfphZI / WARNING / UNA PROBLEMA”

South Park

11. Chuck (TV Series) – the text on the plate stands for: “Number 01138 / I Hate 7165 / George Bush 8157”


12. Police Academy – this one is spelled correctly and means “dick”.

Police Academy

13. Person of Interest (TV Series). Do you want to call to Bad Robot Company or Cleverly LLC?

Person of Interest

14. Unknown film. The logo stands for Tajik District Patrol. The text in the middle means The price is the law.

Tajik district patrol

15. Russian Timex.



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