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Selfies Taken At The Wrong Time

Check out these selfies taken ar the wrong time. These people would do a favor to the world, if they got rid of the phone.

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1. Fighting selfie.

weird selfie Fighting selfie

2. Suicide Jumper on the Brooklyn Bridge.

weird selfie Suicide Jumper on the Brooklyn Bridge

3. Good morning, Officer.

weird selfie Good morning, Officer

4. Number one mom.

weird selfie Number one mom

5. On the toilet.

weird selfie On the toilet

6. And after.

weird selfie after toilet

7. Depressive selfie.

weird selfie Depressive selfie

8. Car accident selfie.

weird selfie Car accident selfie

9. New fire.

weird selfie New fire

10. Squirrel does not like.

weird selfie Squirrel does not like

11. Men’s toilet selfie

weird selfie Mens toilet selfie

12. During fire.

weird selfie During fire

13. Selfie with the people trapped in the lift.

weird Selfie with the people trapped in the lift

14. County jail selfie.

weird selfie County jail selfie

15. Funeral Home Bathroom.

weird selfie Funeral Home Bathroom

16. Selfie with the teacher having contractions.

weird selfie with the teacher having contractions

17. During the police intervention.

weird selfie During the police intervention

18. Off to hospital.

weird selfie Off to hospital

19. See you in the next life.

weird selfie See you in the next life

Source: joemonster

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