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The War Through A Child’s Eyes

Every war is tragic and sad. It always touches the weakest and innocent people, like children. Polish blogger, Olga Wróbel took a tour to the local children’s library and found unusual book entitled “The War Through A Child’s Eyes”. The book turned out to be the collection of shocking drawings of children who survived World War II. Olga Wróbel was so touched that she decided to took some photos and share them on her blog. It really is heartbreaking to see those drawings, but all people should know, how war damages the children’s way to see the world. Check those drawings below.

In 1946, Polish Ministry of Education informed Polish schools about this project and asked for children’s drawings.

Shocking 1946 childs drawings (1)

The War Through A Child’s Eyes / Wojna w oczach dziecka

The hard-covered book is a collection of nearly 5,000 drawings and couple hundreds essays of children who survived World War II.

Shocking 1946 childs drawings (2)

This is a drawing of the german occupation / Rys. okupacji niemieckiej

The book was released in in 1983 in Poland and Japan in both Polish and English language.

Shocking 1946 childs drawings (3)

Taking flight / Ucieczka (eng. escape)

The original drawings still exist. They are stored in The Central Archives of Modern Records (AAN) in Warsaw, Poland.

Shocking 1946 childs drawings (4)

Germans expropriating people’s homes / Wywłaszczanie przez niemców


Shocking 1946 childs drawings (5)

A woman is running away carrying butter / Kobieta ucieka z masłem


Shocking 1946 childs drawings (6)

My mummy and me on the way to prison / W drodze do więzienia moja mamusia i ja


Shocking 1946 childs drawings (7)

Shocking 1946 childs drawings (8)

Source: Foch

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